Starting a property business in Turkey: ideas for foreigners

Many foreign citizens choose Turkey as a place of residence and investment. However, not always everyone who has moved here can immediately find a job here due to lack of knowledge of the language, lack of professional skills, or desire to receive a stable monthly income.

Despite this, this country offers many opportunities for investment, as well as for starting a business for entrepreneurs.

When moving here, the first step is to choose one of the Turkish homes in the area where you want to start a business, so that it is easier to get there and to deal with professional matters. Next, you need to figure out where to invest your savings and how to open your own business with small start-up capital.

In this article, we will talk about what opportunities are there for starting a business and offer options for developing your own business.

Opportunities in a pandemic

It seems that the constant lockdowns and restrictions caused by Covid-19 are closing a lot of opportunities and advantages for entrepreneurs. However, even in such a difficult period, one cannot afford to despair. You have a great opportunity to do the following:

  • Find a niche that will be in demand even during the period of isolation;

  • If you want to invest your money, then you can purchase shares of emerging companies at a favorable price;

  • Develop a business plan thoroughly;

  • Carefully study all competitors in the market and develop your unique idea.

After all the borders open and the flow of buyers increases, you can be fully armed and implement your ideas.

Top ideas for starting a business in Turkey

It cannot be said with complete certainty that any business will be beneficial for a foreign entrepreneur. Much depends on which area you choose to operate, on the field of activity, and what needs your business satisfies, as well as on the level of competition.

Cleaning service for private and commercial clients

There will always be a demand for this type of activity. You can offer your services for cleaning apartments, houses, office premises. You can also expand the number of services for cleaning windows and stained-glass windows. Moreover, it is possible to offer your services to hotels and inns, since now in Turkey there is a large float of vacationers, and extra help to hotels in cleaning rooms will always be relevant if their internal staff does not have time to fulfill their duties.

The only thing you will need to spend your money on is the purchase of cleaning supplies, uniforms, cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaners, steamers), as well as transportation costs.

You can even start a business yourself, and as the number of clients increases, it will be possible to increase the staff.

Delivery service

In Turkey, the business of delivering goods is not yet well developed. Many shops and outlets do not provide this service. By starting such a business, you will be in demand among store owners and their customers, as they will be able to shop without leaving their homes and without putting themselves in danger. You will also explore the city by delivering goods to different houses. Moreover, you will be able to meet new people. As you know, good connections are needed everywhere, especially in a new country.

Your expenses will consist only in official registration, purchase of transport for fast delivery, and establishing contact with retail chains of stores.

Sale of solar panels

The use of solar panels is widespread in Turkey. They are bought by both families for personal use to reduce electricity bills and commercial companies. Sometimes companies do not buy the batteries but are willing to pay for the energy they generate.

Frozen food service

Any business related to the production of food will always be profitable. You can provide frozen food storage and provide delivery service. To do this, you will need to purchase a freezer and sign an agreement with one of the catering units.

You can also produce semi-finished products, but this will require special permits and inspections. Do not worry about the initial costs, as such a business will always pay off quickly.

Pet care

This option is perfect for those who do not like working in offices and know how to care for pets. You can invite your clients to take their pets for a walk if they overwork and are not able to do it. In addition, you can offer to look after the pets while their owners are on vacation. You will take care of the pets, feed them and do whatever is necessary.

Manicure business

You don’t have to open an entire beauty salon right away. It is enough to rent a space in a shopping center, advertise on various local sites, and attract customers using social networks. You will need to create comfortable conditions, as well as buy the necessary materials and equipment.

Over time, you will find your regular customers and will be able to expand the range of services, and in the future, you will be able to open your beauty salon.

Translation or guide services

If you are fluent in Turkish and English, then you can become an irreplaceable assistant for tourists. You can help people quickly adapt here. In Turkey, this type of activity is highly paid.

Ideas for foreigners with large financial investments

If you have enough funds and you want to invest them in starting your own business, then you can use the following ideas:

1) Buying a ready-made business. A good business pays off within one year. You can invest in a ready-made business and develop it further if you do not want to start everything from scratch.

2) Investment in construction. This is one of the most profitable areas of activity. Construction in this country is proceeding at a fast pace and you can invest your funds both in the construction of housing for the population and in commercial real estate.

3) Opening of a tourist office. You will be able to provide services for numerous tourists for booking rooms and air tickets, creating tourist excursion programs.


Turkey can be a great choice for you if you want to start your own business. The constant influx of travelers and vacationers guarantees an increased demand for a variety of goods and services.


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