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Just Do Property is one of the best known property websites in the UK.

Launched in January 2010, we have been operating successfully for over 9 years. The site has had a new design and development overhaul.

Our main objective is to provide property investment education to our website visitors and our subscriber database. Also, to provide property deals and access to our expert panellists. 

98% of our traffic is UK based and we have over 6,000 visitors per month.

Our email newsletter has grown continuously since 2010, and we now have a highquality subscriber base of over 28,000. We also list all the networking events and property shows in the UK.

We have a comprehensive directory highlighting industry professionals to enable investors to build their team to get them started on the property ladder or to expand their property portfolio. We appeal to both the novice property investor and the experienced property investor and landlord


Directory & Expert Panel Packages

Cost of Rolling banner

If art work provided to specified dimensions is £150 per month or £750 for any six month block.

All information must be provided by the client. All artwork and written work done for the client will be charged for at cost.


The cost of advertising and email shots are separate to those people above, so independents will be charged out at the following rates:

Standard Block Advert

per month

for 6 months

Rolling Banner

per month

for 6 months

Logo plus Web Link

per month

for 6 months

Solus Mailshot*

per mailshot

for 6 mailshots

*Email Shot where the client provides the advert. Advert set up and/or design charged at cost.

Pay per click will also be available. Cost upon application.

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