About Julie and Alec

When enterprising husband and wife team, Julie and Alec Hanson, started justdoproperty.co.uk back in 2009 who could have guessed the success they would achieve. They already had the knowledge from more than 20 years in the property investment industry and knew the questions that other property investors were asking. Determined that justdoproperty.co.uk was not going to be “just another property portal” they began building a legacy; a fully functional, multi-platform property education website.

Looking back to their early days in Manchester, a booming area for property investment, Julie and Alec have ridden the peaks and troughs of the sector. Conscious there were few “one-stop advice shops” back in 2009 they began building their own. Teaching the theory of property investment is relatively straightforward, crunching the numbers and calculating the margins, teaching the practice is a whole different challenge. Taking a profit is the easy part, knowing when to cut your losses and re-evaluate your investments is the hard part! 

Membership is still free! 

One of the keys to the success of justdoproperty.co.uk is the fact that from day one there have been no membership fees – but this is no token gesture. Access to newsletters and a range of vital downloads, including a property legal checklist, means you won’t have to venture far for the answers. As more and more sites switch to paid membership, Julie and Alec have remained true to their original concept with free membership an integral part of the sites success. Thankfully, this will not be changing.  The great news is that they will soon be launching their premium membership package which give subscribers access to exclusive content.  

Redesign, expand and relaunch

The decision to relaunch a new look and expanded justdoproperty.co.uk was taken some time ago. With meticulous attention to detail, Julie and Alec have managed to retain the strong community spirit within justdoproperty.co.uk, prevalent from day one. Don’t worry though, all the old services and features will still be there but enhanced and expanded together with the new additionsThe new site will include: – 

Expert panel

Knowledge is vital in the world of property investment, whatever your plans for the future. We have hand-picked a panel of experts across an array of different fields such as legal, finance and development. They can help you, guide you and give you the knowledge of their many years in the property sector. Priceless!

Below Market Value Deals

Information on Below Market Value (BMV) property deals has been a popular part of the website in years gone by. Success breeds success and subscribers will receive regular details of new property bargains. Seen now by many third parties as an ideal way to market their properties for a prompt sale, typical offers can be anything up to 20% below market value. 

Property professionals directory 

Whether you are looking for a developer, finance options, investment partner, legal eagle or contractors available at short notice, the property professionals directory is invaluable. Momentum with this area of the website has been extremely strong for some time now. 

Financial experts

Whether you are looking for investment finance, development finance or perhaps you require a short-term bridging loan, speak to the experts. We have access to a range of experienced finance brokers who will advise you, direct you and help you secure finance for your next deal. 

Property events and shows

All successful property investors have two things in common, the ability to appreciate the opinions of others and reinvent themselves as new trends emerge. We have a very popular section listing property events and property shows which will interest many. Hearing a different angle on a popular theme can make you sit up and take notice, maybe rethink your own strategies. Listening to the experts instills motivation and drive into any property investor, even those who may have lost their way.

What next for JustDoProperty.co.uk? 

  • Links to a wide range of suppliers for all your property needs. 
  • Discounts and promotions will be available to our subscribers. 
  • Premium membership with exclusive access to deals and content to get you ahead of the game. 
  • Downloadable guides for you to keep for your reference. 
  • A help in hand – Do you feel that you still can’t Just Do Property?!  We are launching a new service where we take you by the hand and help you step by step with your first investment.  

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