When Building Something New It’s A Good Idea To Follow These Safety Steps

Every employer is responsible for the safety of their employees at their workplace. However, when we are talking about construction sites, the term safety has a new dimension of meaning. Construction workers are exposed to great risks and have their lives in danger when compared to people working in offices. There are some statistics showing that during one year, there were 25,000 people injured at the construction sites, 17,000 of them temporarily disabled, and 23 of them, unfortunately, lost their lives.

These alarming statistics suggest that safety measures were not respected at some construction sites. To this end, if you are the manager of the construction site, you should pay special attention to protecting your place and guarding it against any unnecessary risks. So, we have compiled a short list of the necessary safety measures that should be respected at construction sites.


Safety Training Is the Core

For your workers to be safe, they need to understand the principles of safety at the construction site themselves. Hence, all of your workers must have a white card for working on-site. Accordingly, there can be different types of training for the different types of workers, so they must be completed by every worker separately. Construction workers must be familiar with the risks and potential accidents and need to be able to point out any high-risk areas and give instructions if an accident occurs.

Managing Risks

Because of the nature of the site and all of the construction situations going on, it is practically impossible for all risks to be eliminated. Yet, there are some common safety problems that can be predicted and hence avoided. All of the places, areas, and points on the site where construction workers could face serious dangers need to be evaluated, fixed, and reported to the on-site management.

On-Site Security

Restricted site areas are not meant to be put in place so that scenarios such as equipment damage and theft can be eliminated. To this end, the security of the site, both in and out of working hours, is a crucial part of protecting pedestrians, passing vehicles, and entities that are not part of the site from potential construction hazards. This also includes supervision of the site, and only authorized site visitors can be allowed to enter the area. In addition, protocols such as security, safety, and construction bond brokerage are the ones that will protect the constructor from negligence and liability in case an incident or safety breach happens. The construction company should make sure that all of the signs and protocols are visible and documented, which protects them legally in the event of accidents.


Use Clear Signs at the Entire Site

The signage of the site must be clearly displayed so that all of the safety protocols are actually active 24/7 during the construction period. Also, besides all of the necessary signs accentuated and planted all around the site, the emergency call center should be available at any time, as should maps of directions for reaching the site office. Site utilities, including restrooms, entrances/exits, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits, should all be clearly marked.

Sort out the Chemical Storage

Chemicals sometimes present the greatest problem, and with that in mind, they need to be carefully handled so that any incident can be avoided. As is usual with chemical matters, they have explosion potential, and this must be the main focus. The risks of fire, chemical injury, asphyxiation, and workplace pollution may be reduced by properly stowing away these materials. Using high-quality outdoor solutions, such as explosive storage cabinets, will not only detect chemical risks, but also preserve the site free of chemical contamination and spills, which may make the site a dangerous place to construct or live.

First Aid

Previously, we have mentioned first aid as one of the important steps. However, this might be one of the most important steps, as the construction industry has many dangers. So, designating a spot for providing first aid is the safest way for you to give your employees the chance to be treated right away if an injury occurs. Also, all of the necessary utilities, such as first aid kits and equipment, must be placed in visible and easily reached areas.

Construction sites are places where the risks of getting injured are quite high. This is the reason why all of the construction workers must have white cards indicating their safety training, which teaches them how to behave in accidents. Also, keeping the site properly signed and safe is a shortcut for the safety of your workers and people living near or passing by your construction site.


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