Top 5 Home Decorating Tips

Decorating your home may look like a simple exercise but it requires proper planning and creativity. When decorating, you not only aim at achieving cleanliness but also aim at creating great expressions. This is the main reason you should hire professional painters and decorators to decorate your house. From the kitchen where you prepare food, the bedroom where you spend your nights, to the sitting room where you like relaxing, your home must be well decorated. Besides the aesthetic enhancement that comes with decoration, you will also be living in a healthy environment. Decorating can also enable you to spot pests and other flaws in your house that you can fix.

1. Set a Welcoming Tone at Your Door

A good first impression of your home is important to weary travellers. Put some flowers at the side of the entrance to your door and make sure you have a nice carpet. A carpet indicates a welcome especially if it is red in colour. Red door carpets are used in churches because they represent a safe haven. You can apply that principle to create a warm welcoming for yourself and your visitors. Other colours that represent a welcome are yellow and orange.

2. Keep Your Interior Wall Colours Light and Neutral

Jarring transitions are not comforting in a home which is why people must stick to colours like beige or grey. With neutral colours on your walls, you can easily switch themes based on what fits your mood at any particular period. Your decorating accessories can have a profound advantage in creating a new look for your home. Paint neutral colours on your walls and have maximum flexibility on the kind of decorating accessories to use. Avoid sharp colours because they will silence all your decoration accessories. It is all about what attracts the eyes first, the colours on your wall or the decoration items you have installed.

3. Your Sofa Should Rhyme With Your Chairs

Have you ever asked yourself why chairs are placed around tables in restaurants? The answer is simple, they are meant to enhance proper conversations. You should also arrange your sofa and your chairs in a manner that yield such intimacy and balance. Your chairs and your sofa should be in a style that will make people face each other when conversing. This does not mean that you should crowd your seats together, have a reasonable distance where people can stretch their legs without disturbing each other.

4. Let Sunshine Step In

Many people like keeping curtains on their windows to block natural light from entering their homes. It is nice to let in natural light because it lights up your room and yields a comforting atmosphere. Careful though because extra light could make your interior colours fade and ruin the beauty of your interior. You can use curtains made from cotton, linen, and silk blends because they hang well and let in light. Keep your curtains clean and free from dust because they may get contaminated from the air from outside.

How Can I Incorporate Retro Household Items into My Home Decor Using Your Decorating Tips?

Incorporating retro household items into your home decor can add a unique vintage touch. Consider displaying old-timey kitchen gadgets as wall art or using vintage Tupperware as storage containers. Mix and match different eras to create a nostalgic ambiance that celebrates the retro household items comeback.

5. Installing a Piece of Art Is Perfect

A piece of art can comfort the mind and bring a new image to your room. Don’t install small art pieces, you should install something that is easily identifiable. A piece of art plus wall mirrors bring a fresh look to your room making you enjoy staying indoors at all times. Consider painting your ceiling white so as to make the height of the room appear higher than it is. When it comes to room decoration, make sure to be consistent and maintain every theme in your room. If you relax even for a few month, you may find all decorations have faded and your room has turned into a dirty place that you cannot live in.


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