A Guide to Different Types of Shutters

Shutters are window covering structures that have frames of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. They are normally used to block light from entering the room. Some people install these structures even on doors so as to block light completely when needed. Vinyl, synthetic foam, faux wood, and wood are some of the materials that are used to make window and door shutters that you can get professionally installed. Here are the various examples so before you buy shutters, you know its type and features first.

Raised Panel

These come with a unique style that looks like kitchen cabinets. The raised panel can have a single or double panel depending on the user’s preference. Their low profile nature allows them to fit on many types of homes including Victorian, and Georgian. Raised panels are mostly made from wood and people can choose whichever colour they want. Coatings need to be done to make the panels waterproof so that they overcome bad weather conditions.

Louvered Shutter

This is a unique type of a shutter that has angled slats to allow penetration of air when windows are open. They have a more enhanced look making them fit in classical, ornate or casual types of homes. Louvered are normally found in Victorian homes.  Even when closed, as long as your windows are open, air will enter inside your room. This means they provide privacy without altering ventilation.

Board and Batten

BnB has an old and rustic appearance. Their making process is simple because you just join one to three boards and using a thin cross panel. This panel can go horizontal at an angle to enable you to close or open the shutter. They are very simple to construct and install which is why some people do it as a DIY activity. There’s a wide variety of homes that can use these types of shutters and appear wonderful.


This is a normal type of window shutter except for the fact that it is attached on the window’s top side. Bahama can allow in light and air without letting people see the inside of your room. They are used in places where storms are common because they prevent water from entering your home. For people who have cottages, this could be the best type of a shutter to install.

Which Type of Shutters Would Complement a Gloss or Matt Kitchen Style?

When making a kitchen style comparison, it’s essential to choose shutters that can complement both gloss and matt finishes. For a gloss kitchen, sleek and modern shutters in a matching color scheme can give a cohesive look. For a matt kitchen, natural wood shutters can add warmth and texture.

Materials Used in Making of a Shutter

A Vinyl shutter may look expensive but it is very durable compared to a shutter made from wood. A shutter made from wood will absorb water and reduce in quality making you repaint or replace it. A Vinyl shutter is made from PVC. Even though it is strong enough to overcome bad weather, it gets yellow in time and it may be hard to clean. Synthetic foam shutters have an insulation trait and are also water resistant. They can be stained but they are very strong and can withstand even storms. Faux wood can also be used instead of wood. Its stiffness makes a perfect candidate for both wide and tall window shutters. Besides, they are less expensive than wood and are available in varieties of shapes and colours. However, if poorly made or installed, they might fail over time. Currently, basswood is one of the most popular woods used for shutters. According to experts, it has outpaced poplar and pine. It is possible to paint this material and stain it. Shutters made from this material are light, flexible and available in many designs. But they aren’t water resistant and can cost more than synthetic ones.


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