Shower vs. Bath in a Rental Property

When considering how to make a rental property more attractive and desirable, a shower or bathtub is one of the most important choices that must be made.

Not only does this decision affect the cost, water heater requirements, space efficiency, and cleanliness of the property, but it also affects future home value and the comfort level of tenants.

With so much at stake, it is essential for landlords and renters alike to weigh all of their options before making a decision.

As a landlord, you are obliged to provide a bathroom for your tenants. Depending on how may bedrooms the property has, or whether you are running a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), you may even be expected to provide several bathrooms.

You won’t have room for a separate shower cubicle if the bathroom is small and compact, so the pertinent question here is whether installing a bath or shower is best for your tenants, and if you ditch the bath, will it affect the value of the property?

It ultimately depends on the tenant, but research suggests that shower are preferred over baths. Showers are generally considered to be more practical and cost-efficient as they require less water, space and cleaning time. However, Baths provide a greater relaxation experience with more room for personalization through various features such as tub sizes, Jacuzzi jets and steam showers.

Bathrooms are a valuable commodity. A new, modern bathroom built to a high specification will attract a better class of tenant. It will also make it easier to find a tenant, which for any landlord is a top priority.

After all, void periods are costly and no landlord wants an empty property in their portfolio.

Smart bathrooms from reputable companies such as also add value to a property, which again is pretty important since your rental properties are also a capital investment.

Reasons for Choosing a Shower or Bath in a Rental Property

When it comes to choosing between a shower or bath in a rental property, there are several factors to consider.

Showers tend to be more economical since they use less water and energy for heating. In addition, showers take up less space and can be easily fitted into any bathroom design. On the other hand, baths offer a relaxing experience that allows for longer soaking times after a long day.

For those who want convenience and practicality, showers are generally the better option. But if you’re looking for an opportunity to relax and unwind in peace and comfort, baths provide the perfect environment for this purpose.

Furthermore, those with mobility issues may find baths easier to use due to the lower height of tubs when compared to showers.

That’s why it’s important to consider who you’re going to be renting to.

Identify Your Target Market

The first thing to consider if you are debating the bath vs. shower question is the type of tenant you are marketing your property at.

Young couples and singles are often happy with a shower, but families and older tenants are more likely to need a bath.

For busy people, a bath is considered to be a luxury, but if you have health problems or young children, a shower is not an option.

Benefits of a Shower

Having a shower in your rental property has numerous benefits. For starters, showers are much more economical than baths as they require less water and energy for heating.

This can be beneficial in reducing utility bills and saving money in the long run. In addition, showers take up considerably less space than baths, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms if you’re short on space.

Showers also provide convenience with their ability to be used quickly. Whether it’s an early morning rush or a late night wash-off after a long day, a shower is the perfect choice for those looking to save time.

Furthermore, modern walk-in showers allow users greater freedom of movement while adjusting water temperature and shower head height to suit individual needs.

Overall, having a shower in your rental property is an excellent choice for those who value convenience, comfort and practicality.

Having a shower in your rental property is an all-around great choice for convenience, comfort and practicality. Not to mention, it can lead to significant cost savings too.

Cost Savings

Having a shower in your rental property can result in significant cost savings. For starters, showers typically require less water and energy for heating than baths, making them more economical.

Since showers take up considerably less space than baths, installing one can save on space if you’re short on bathroom size, providing you with valuable space to use elsewhere.

All of these factors contribute to making a shower the ideal choice for those looking to cut costs while still being able to enjoy the convenience they provide.

Space Efficiency

Efficent use of space is key in property rental.  Showers are typically compact, taking up significantly less space than baths.

This makes them ideal for bathrooms with limited square footage, as they can be installed in areas that would otherwise be too small to fit a bathtub.

Additionally, by opting for a modern walk-in shower, you can make the most of the space available while still having enough room to move around without feeling cramped.

With these advantages, showers are an excellent way to get the most out of your bathroom’s size and maximize its efficiency.

Benefits of a Bathtub

Baths are a great addition to any rental property, and they offer a unique set of benefits that tenants may not be able to find with other shower options.

For example, baths provide a space for relaxation and comfort as well as the ability to soak and relax in hot water.  

They provide more space than showers which can be beneficial for larger families or those who need extra room to move around in the bathroom.

Finally, bathtubs require less maintenance than showers since there is no need to replace shower curtains.

With all of these benefits combined, it is easy to see why having a bathtub in a rental property makes it an attractive choice for tenants.

Increased Home Value/Rental Appeal

The addition of a bath to a rental property can have a significant impact on both the home value and rental appeal.

They not only provide a comfortable and luxurious experience that other shower options may not provide, but they also add to the overall aesthetic of the home.

The large size and range of colors, materials, and shapes available allows for a personalized look and feel in each bathroom. 

In terms of home value, having a bathtub installed in your rental property can make it more desirable to potential buyers in the future.

Not only does this add an extra level of comfort that people are looking for in their homes, but it also adds another layer of luxury and convenience that people will pay more for.

Relaxation and Comfort Factor

When it comes to relaxation and comfort, does anything beat a lovely warm bubble bath?

Taking a relaxing hot bath after a long day is the ultimate stress reliever, and it can be invaluable to have this at home.

Factors to Consider Before Deciding on Shower or Bath in Rental Property

When deciding whether to install a shower or bath in a rental property, it is important to consider several factors. Primarily, the size of the bathroom should be taken into account.

If space is limited, then a shower may be more appropriate than a bathtub.

It is also necessary to take into consideration the availability of hot water and the need for a water heater if one isn’t already present.

Furthermore, it is important to think about user preferences – some people prefer showers while others may prefer baths.

Additionally, costs should be considered when making this decision as there are various materials and components that could affect the overall cost of installation.

With careful thought and consideration, you can make an informed decision on what type of shower or bath would best suit your property’s needs!


One way to solve the dilemma of which to have is to install a shower-bath.  A shower-bath gives you the best of both worlds: if time is short, tenants can have a shower, but if they feel like having a relaxing soak in the bath, they can do that too.

bath and shower

However, be very careful when installing a shower-bath, as some models have a bad habit of leaking from behind the shower curtains and screens.If you do opt for a shower-bath, be sure to use a professional bathroom installer or leaks could cause all manner of problems.

Shower Rooms

If your bathroom is tiny, less is more. You may have no other option than to install a shower. You could also look at installing a wet room, but these are expensive and not always suitable for bathrooms on upper floors.

If you do have a small bathroom, look at different designs to maximise what space there is and consider using wall-hung fixtures and fittings, as these take up less room.

If you are still not sure, speak to a local letting agent and ask their advice. They will have a good idea of the type of tenant likely to be interested in your property, so pick their brains and see whether they would advise installing a shower or a bath.

It is also worth asking an estate agent to see whether removing the bath would affect the value of your property.

Final thought

In conclusion, deciding between a shower or bath for your rental property is an important decision and should be made after careful consideration.

Taking into account the size of the bathroom, availability of hot water, user preferences, and costs are all key factors to consider when making this decision.

Additionally, you may want to ask a local letting agent or estate agent for advice regarding which option would best suit your property’s needs.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether a shower or bath will provide the most value and comfort for your tenants!



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