Under The Radar Influence Day – Progressive Property


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The Event at A Glance

Learn how to sell, influence, communicate and negotiate in every area of your life- business, raising money, family, property, kids, purchasing- EVERYTHING.

So what’s the Under the Radar Influence Day all about?

  • Learn the rules most people break for ethical negotiation and influence

  • Break down crucial barriers telling you, you hate selling and how to ‘sell without selling’

  • Make 5 times more money in 1/5 of the time

  • Discover how you need never ask for money again and how to get it every time

  • Immunise yourself from the manipulative tricks and tactics that underhand negotiators use to rip you off

There are people out there getting what they want, when they want without even asking for it, and they will continue to do this- why aren’t you one of them? Untapped fortune is readily available for you but if you don’t change and adapt you tactics then you’re never going to get it. Every day you spend NOT influencing others is another day you’re being influenced.

We are offering PAID FOR places on one of our fantastic ‘Under the Radar Influence’ Implementation Days- This day is held at our offices and is an intimate gathering of a select group (about 14 people!) who all want to improve their ability at influence and persuasion and to take the learning’s that they get from the 8 disc Audio Disc and this site and put it in to practice!

If selected, you can enjoy this full day of business boosting, life altering and mind bending techniques

Free parking, lunch and refreshments as well as some fantastic tools and goodies to take away on the day!

Click here for full event information 


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