Multiple Streams of Property Income Event

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The Event at A Glance by Rob Moore

I want You to be one of the inner circle of savvy UK Property Investors to receive the benefit of a training event that myself, my business partner Mark Homer, and our 30+ strong team have been building up towards for the last five years! It’s the ONLY event of its kind in the UK where multiple streams of property income are revealed in a full-on 3 day networking & training intensive.

When you join us you’ll experience:

  • The 6 Property Income Streams taught in detail (DP, LOIC, SHMO, PBI, PTI, SL)

  • How to Make Many of the Income Streams, Both Passive & Hands-off

  • How to Create both Long-Term Sustainable Wealth & Super-Fast Income (in 1 Month or Less)

  • Easy Systems & Models for Leveraging & Outsourcing Most of the Work yet Earn Virtually all of the Money – L1M2DL, Ti vs. Ts, IGA(V)

  • How to Accelerate Income Using the Cross-Stream & B.E.E.P Methods

  • How to Realistically Earn 10x the Income with 1/10 of Your Personal Time, Proven on the Weekend

  • The Entire UK Property Industry Exposed from the Inside: How to Build a £Multi-Million Property *Business* as Well as a £M+ Portfolio

  • Proof of over £65M in JV funds Ventured & Over £200M of Property Purchased INSIDE the Progressive Community: Meet the *Ordinary* Property Millionaires in Person!

To give you the best kick-start to your investment success, I’d like to MEET YOU personally – LIVE – by giving you easy access to hands-down the most comprehensive UK Property Investment training available on the market..

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