Property Investor Show: Everything You Need to Know

From experienced investors to novices, the show offers a platform for networking, learning, and accessing top-quality advice from residential property professionals, sustainable property developers, and property experts.

The event is held twice a year, in April and October, at the Excel London exhibition center in the heart of the London Docklands, making it easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

With adaptable event spaces and an exciting lineup of future events, the Property Investor Show is a worthwhile event that attracts an audience of investors, seasoned investors, passive investors, and property professionals alike.

Background on the Event

The Property Investor Show has a rich history of hosting successful events for property investors of all levels of experience. With twice-yearly shows, in both April and October, at the ExCel London exhibition center, the event has become a staple in the property market calendar.

The show has attracted an audience of 5000-6000 active property buyers, offering a valuable platform for networking and gaining independent advice.

ExCel London, located at 1 Western Gateway in the Royal Victoria Dock area, offers multiple transport options, including nearby airports and hotels such as the Hilton London ExCel and the Sunborn London 4,  so attendees will have no trouble getting to the event.

For exhibitors, it’s crucial to adhere to the build-up and breakdown schedule in order to have a successful event. The show organizers provide clear guidelines to ensure a smooth and efficient process both before and after the event. With the chance to showcase products and services to property investors and property sourcers alike, the Property Investor Show promises to be a worthwhile event for anyone involved in the property investment industry.

Audience and Participants

The Property Investor Show caters to a diverse audience of investors and property professionals. With a welcoming and inclusive environment, this event offers something for everyone, from novice investors to seasoned professionals.

Attendees have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from industry leaders, as well as the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. The show attracts a range of investors, including those interested in passive investment, overseas property developers, and even audience members seeking international property investment opportunities.

Meanwhile, property professionals at the show represent a wide range of backgrounds, including sustainable property development and property licensing advice. Regardless of level of experience, attendees can find relevant information and resources to support their investment endeavors.

Target Audience

The Property Investor Show is designed to cater to a diverse range of attendees, from those just starting out in the property market to seasoned investors and property professionals.

The exhibition sees an audience of around 5000-6000 active property buyers, including property investors, passive investors, seasoned investors, and residential property investors.

It’s important to note that attendees have different levels of experience in the property market and are hoping to gain various benefits from the show.

Novice investors may be in search of basic advice on residential property investment and licensing, while experienced investors may be seeking independent advice and access to international property investment opportunities.

Property professionals, on the other hand, may be interested in networking with fellow industry experts and taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase their services to property investors.

With such a diverse audience, it’s essential to tailor messages effectively to each group, highlighting benefits that appeal to them specifically.

The show organizers have taken this into consideration, offering a range of adaptable event spaces and tailored events, including the Landlord Event and special events on different topics related to property investment.

The show provides a broad range of international property investment opportunities to attendees, which is a significant draw for many investors.

Overall, the Property Investor Show aims to cater to all types of investors, from property novices to seasoned professionals, providing an excellent platform to learn, network, and explore real estate opportunities.

Range of Property Professionals Present

The Property Investor Show isn’t just a great place to meet fellow investors – it’s also an excellent platform to meet a range of property professionals who form an integral part of the wider property market. Attendees can expect to meet and network with a variety of professionals, including property agents, mortgage brokers, property developers, real estate lawyers, and property sourcers.

Property agents are an essential part of any property transaction, providing sellers with assistance in preparing their property for sale and helping buyers to find their dream homes or investment properties. These professionals have a deep understanding of the local property market and can provide invaluable insight into the purchasing process.

Mortgage brokers are also present at the show, providing attendees with guidance and support in securing financing for their property investment projects. Whether attendees are looking to finance a buy-to-let property or expand their existing portfolio, mortgage brokers can provide them with options that fit their unique financial situation and investment goals.

Property developers play a significant role in the property market, creating new and exciting developments that attract both investors and homeowners. These professionals also play a role in sustainable property development, ensuring that new properties meet high environmental standards while still providing investors with excellent return on investment.

Attendees who are looking to navigate complex legal issues related to international property investment or need advice on complex residential property acquisition deals can usually find expert legal professionals at the Property Investor Show.

Lastly, property sourcers are present at the show, facilitating the process of identifying and sourcing high-yield properties for investors. These professionals have an extensive network of contacts, and they have their fingers on the pulse of the property market, making them an essential resource for anyone looking to expand their investment portfolio.

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Overall, the range of property professionals present at the Property Investor Show reflects the diversity and complexity of the larger property market, providing attendees with ample opportunity to build professional relationships, learn about emerging trends in the industry, and identify potential investment opportunities.

Location and Setting

The Property Investor Show is the UK’s must-attend event for property investors, held annually in one of London’s most exceptional locations – Excel London.

This versatile event venue is located in the heart of the city’s Royal Docks, adjacent to the scenic River Thames, and undoubtedly adds to the show’s already impressive allure.

The venue’s unique waterfront setting provides an idyllic contrast to the vibrant and bustling cityscape, with the venue itself boasting adaptable event spaces, making it the perfect location for this dynamic and worthwhile event.

What Makes the Location Special?

One of the primary reasons that ExCel London was chosen as the location for the Property Investor Show is undoubtedly its Western Gateway location.

Situated in the heart of London’s iconic Royal Docks, this location is an ideal spot for property professionals looking to network, gather new industry insights, and explore investment opportunities.

The location also offers some unique benefits to attendees, including the convenience of being easily accessible via public transport.

ExCel London is only ten minutes from Canary Wharf and a twenty-minute journey from the City. Additionally, the location is surrounded by a range of hotels nearby, ensuring that attendees have comfortable accommodation within walking distance of the venue.

Furthermore, the property investor show attendees can take advantage of the proximity to a variety of amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and bars, which ensures that they can enjoy a truly immersive experience beyond the show floor.

The venue boasts adaptable event spaces, including 40 multipurpose meeting rooms, seven exhibition halls, and three auditoriums. This means that the Property Investor Show can accommodate a wide range of audiences, from residential property professionals to seasoned international investors.

In addition to that, the venue has state-of-the-art facilities, which include modern audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi access, and catering services.

Overall, the distinct Western Gateway location of ExCel London, along with the convenience of hotels, amenities, and distinguished venue features, make it an advantageous and worthwhile event location for attendees of the Property Investor Show.

Format and Agenda

The event’s format and agenda are carefully designed to offer attendees the most comprehensive and engaging experience possible.

The show features a wide range of sessions for attendees to choose from, ensuring that everyone can find something to suit their level of property experience and interests. 

The show is divided into multiple sections to provide attendees with the most value. The event’s structure comprises a mix of keynote speeches, seminars, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

Each section is organized to provide attendees with a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, exchange ideas with investors, and explore cutting-edge investment opportunities.

Moreover, the event’s agenda features an impressive lineup of sessions curated for attendees to choose from.

The diverse sessions cover different aspects of the property investment industry, ranging from advice on licensing and sourcing properties to exploring international investment opportunities and sustainable property development.

Structure of the Event

The Property Investor Show is a well-organized event with a clear structure that ensures attendees will get the most out of their experience. The event runs for two days, with specific dates for build-up and breakdown of stands, as well as opening and closing times for each day.

The build-up of stands starts on the day before the event, allowing exhibitors to prepare their booths and get everything set up for the opening day.

The opening day itself begins at specific times, with doors opening to attendees at scheduled times throughout the day.

The show runs continuously throughout both days, closing on the second evening, with exhibitors beginning to break down their stands afterward.

Throughout the event, attendees can participate in various sessions scheduled for their convenience. These sessions cover a range of property investment-related topics, catering to people of all levels of property investment experience – from seasoned investors to property novices.

Moreover, there are multiple networking opportunities throughout the event where attendees can engage with industry experts and like-minded investors, fostering an environment for building relationships and exploring new investment opportunities. In short, the Property Investor Show offers a structured and comprehensive experience for anyone looking to explore the exciting world of property investment.

Sessions Scheduled for Attendees to Choose From

Attendees to the show have access to a diverse and engaging range of sessions to participate in throughout the event. The sessions range from keynote speeches delivered by industry leaders to practical workshops and panel discussions. These sessions cover an array of topics, catering to attendees with varying levels of experience in property investment.

For those who are new to the world of property investment, there are beginner-level sessions that cover the fundamentals of property investment, including an introduction to investing in residential property, understanding the property market, and passive investing strategies.

For attendees with more specialized interests, there are specialized sessions designed for seasoned investors who are looking to explore new investment opportunities, learn about trends in sustainable property development, or seek independent advice on property licensing. These sessions provide valuable insights and information that can help attendees navigate complex aspects of property investment and maximize their returns.

In addition to these informative sessions, attendees can also participate in engaging panel discussions that bring together property experts to discuss hot topics in the industry. These discussions provide attendees with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the latest trends and developments in property investment, network with like-minded professionals, and share insights and experiences.

Overall, the sessions offered at the Property Investor Show aim to provide attendees with a tailored and impactful experience, regardless of their level of experience in property investment. With a high-quality lineup of keynote speeches, workshops, and panel discussions, attendees can choose from a diverse range of sessions that are both informative and engaging.

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