Glass Links Trends in 2023

Glass is often used in the construction industry for two reasons. First of all, glass is the only material, which can visually enlarge any space and make it lighter and weightless. In addition, glass is a perfect choice to harmoniously fit the building into the environment or combine several architectural styles in a balanced way. That is why a glass link has become such a popular method of connecting two buildings. Follow to find out more about glass links.

What Is a Glass Link

A glass link could be an aesthetic nuance and a practical necessity at the same time. This is a construction made of glass, which is usually in the form of a corridor connecting two buildings or parts of one building.

A glass link between buildings is a universal connecting method as it is suitable for office buildings, hospitals, schools, residential buildings, etc.

Why Choose Glass Links

Main benefits of glass links:

· Quick installation, which requires minimum support

· Roofed corridor assures protection from bad weather conditions

· Plenty of natural light

· Versatility of the material which suits all architectural styles (it is perfect for connecting old buildings with new constructions)

· Durability and resilience

· Fits well into any environment

Latest Glass Link Tendencies

Glass link trends:

· Glass ceilings. To let as much sunlight into the corridors as possible a lot of specialists offer to provide link ceilings of glass as well.

· Practical use of space. It is becoming more popular to endow the glass link with some function other than just a transition. So, glass links are designed as recreation areas or coffee shops.

· Two exits. This trend is used in land corridors to create an increase in the link space.

Of course, to follow or not to follow trends is only your choice, they can be used just as tips.


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