Five ways to upgrade your garden and boost the value of your property

Thinking of selling up in 2023? If you’re serious about adding more value to your home, don’t overlook the outside space. Keeping your garden clean, attractive, and full of greenery could help increase both the value of your property and the number of offers you receive.

We’ve outlined five of the best tips towards freshening up your garden to help the high offers come flooding in once your house is on the market.

Upgrading your garden to increase the value of your home: Our top tips

  1. Keep the lawn healthy

The front lawn is the first thing that your prospective viewers will see, so it’s also likely to determine their overall first impression.

Keep your front lawn tidy by clearing away any clutter, gardening tools, or children’s toys that might be laying around. Additionally, feeding the grass and treating it with specialist nutrition products will ensure that it looks green and luscious ready for the first viewings.

  • Dedicate an area to greenery

Gardens provide homeowners with an easy and convenient way to connect with nature, so they should honour plants, flowers, and native shrubs. You don’t need to have an orchard on display to make your garden look more inviting, either.

If you only have time to grow and care for a few types of plants, make sure they’re looking healthy and attractive. You could use fruit and vegetable cages to protect your plants against pests and harsh weather conditions, safeguarding their bounty and blooms.

It’s worth bearing in mind that many prospective buyers will be green-fingered. With excessively long wait lists for allotments and private growing spaces, it’s important to understand the potential value you could add through just adding some simple planters and seedlings.

  • Don’t forget privacy

No matter whether your prospective buyers have a large family with lots of young children or they’re a young professional couple buying their first home, they will value privacy and security.

Look around your garden and fill the gaps. If there are any flaws in the fencing, holes in your hedgerows or weaknesses in the walls, get these professionally fixed before you start hosting viewings on your property.

Adding extra layers of security, like heavy-duty padlocks and taller fencing, could go a long way in convincing a prospective buyer to make an offer.

  • Maximise sunlight, incorporate shade

The way you arrange your furniture, fences, and shrubs in your garden should be decided by the direction of sunlight. This is a particularly important aspect to consider if you’re wondering how to make the most of a north-facing garden, which may be prone to shady spots.

However, it’s still possible to make shade a practical and attractive feature in your garden with a little bit of creativity. Think dark green shrubs, flexible decorative features, and foliage-covered pergolas.

Try to place furniture in the spots that get the most sunlight throughout the day. You should also make sure that you can show off the thought that you put into your garden arrangement when you plan viewings for prospective buyers.

  • Extend the house into the outdoors

Lastly, if you’ve got enough space, you could also consider creating an additional room that extends onto your patio or across part of your lawn. Adding some garden benches will create another space for you to sit outdoors.

Adding this texture and versatility to your garden means that it can be enjoyed by family and friends regardless of the weather, perfect for those barbecues through the typical British summer.

This type of project should also cost you a fraction of the price of an extension, and you won’t usually need to get planning permission first either. In fact, creating an ‘indoors’ space among the outdoor space at home is listed in this list of trends that boost the value of your home by Yahoo Finance.


When you’re selling your home, outside appearances might be more important than you’d expect. Try to keep your garden clean and tidy, include thoughtful and social design features, and add a few healthy plants where possible too.


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