Bedroom furniture trends

When you’re designing your dream bedroom it’s easy to fall into the same furniture and decor habits that you’ve used in the past. But if you’re looking to create a bedroom that really has the ‘wow’ factor, then you’ll want to follow some bedroom trends from Homes Direct 365 and let out your inner interior designer!

Over the last twelve months, we’ve had a whole range of incredible bedroom design ideas. Here are some of the bedroom trends 2023 that stood out, or that seem like they’re here to stay. Any of these will level up your bedroom decor, taking your sleeping space from drab to fab.

Check patterns

There was a real resurgence of true bohemian in 2023, and that’s evident in the bedroom trends like this one. Checks give your bedroom an artisanal, homely feel, and that’s exactly why so many people love them. Available in everything from earthy tones and calming colors to more extreme, bright colours, they can be made to suit almost any bedroom. That’s why they’re up there on the list of top bedroom trends.

Natural materials

Sustainable materials really filled our sleep spaces this year. With a global focus on living more sustainably, this is no great surprise. What might be a surprise, though, is that choosing natural materials is also really beneficial for your sleep!

Since natural materials have significantly less toxins, they can be much more conducive to a good night’s sleep. Swapping out processed fabrics for things like cotton are small and easy ways to implement this bedroom trend in your bedroom.

Dopamine dressing

Unlike many of the bedroom trends 2023, dopamine dressing is really out there. It doesn’t use the natural world or provide quiet luxury, it creates visual interest by mixing different textures and decorating ideas. It is, at its essence, full maximalism, with much more fun. It’s a more outlandish style than anything else on this list, but when done well, it can really pull a room together.

To start yourself off with dopamine decorating is to start with one bright piece of furniture. Choose an outlandish bedside table and work around it, for example. Or, if you’re ready to take a bigger space, your focal point could be a painted wall or wallpaper.

Natural colour palette

It’s common to use calming colour palettes in bedrooms. This is a bedroom trend you’d see in a boutique hotel or a minimalist home. A natural colour palette with neutral colors creates a quiet luxury in your bedroom space and will help to soothe your soul whenever you’re in your bedroom.

Just as with any colour-related bedroom trends, this may not fit your personal style, but it’s worth considering if you feel like your room is too busy. Alternatively, try something more intense like the dopamine dressing trend.

Painted ceilings

For a long time, people have avoided extending their bedroom schemes and decorating ideas up into their ceilings, but as of this year, that’s in the past. In 2023, painted ceilings became all the range. Coordinating the ceiling with any bedroom trends you’ve used, or any colour that may be in your wallpaper, bedding or even rugs, really ties the room together and makes it feel like a luxury hotel.


If you want to add depth to your bedroom spaces, then the best bedroom trend to use is to add texture. On a feature wall, for example, you could add panelling, or in your wardrobes, you could swap out some of the wood for rattan. In fact, rattan furniture generally is a great way to introduce texture in the interior design world. With its earthy colours and natural material, it can really bring together sleeping spaces.

Art Deco

Just as boho has made a resurgence, so has art deco. It’s a great way to make a bedroom look expensive, and can really allow you to put your personal stamp on a space.

To embrace the art deco bedroom trends, you should keep to curved lines, emerald green, sapphire, and other jewel tones. Velvet does very well, especially on soft furnishings or accent chairs. A plush or pile rug may also help to bring this look together.

70s inspired

Finally, one of the most surprising trends in 2023 for many, the 70s found their way back! Rich orange and ochre colour palettes and big, curved statement pieces are finding their way back into many bedrooms. These designs and this latest bedroom trend may be heavily influenced by a resurgence in media set around the era, but whatever inspired the trend, it’s one we can get behind.

So that’s what’s been inspiring the average creative director for the last 12 months… But what about the next? Having a cool looking bedroom can be an important factor when selling your home.

Statement headboard

A headboard will likely be with you for a while, it’s not something people swap out all that often, so why wouldn’t you want it to shine? Picking a headboard that will be the focal point on your bedroom walls is definitely one of the bedroom trends we’ll see in the next year. A headboard wall is also on the cards for the biggest bedroom trends as we enter 2024.

Lavender hues and muted pastels

According to interior designers, 2023 was the year of bold colours. Alternatively, it seems we’re predicting that 2024 will be the year of the bedroom being a relaxing sanctuary, filled with muted pastels and softer colours. You can start to bring this bedroom design into your home by searching for bedding, curtains, etc.

Core comfort

Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable in their bedroom? It’s one way to ensure you have a good night’s sleep. That’s where this bedroom decor trend comes in. It’s all about making your sleeping space comfy, safe and cosy using ambient lighting and plenty of plush fabrics.

Colourful ceilings

Just as with 2023, colourful ceilings are still in. It’s one of those bedroom trends that will likely stick around in interior design circles for quite some time.

Bold patterns

While dopamine dressing is no longer on trend, using bold colours is still something interior designers reckon will be a fashionable choice. Using playful patterns can help to stamp your bedroom with your personality.

Natural tones

Staying with us from 2023, the natural tones bedroom trend is very much still here. Using natural materials and neutral colours to create a relaxing space is something timeless.

70s revisited

We’re apparently not done with the 70s yet, as it’s crept from the list of bedroom trends 2023 to this one. Bright oranges and ochres, curves and all things groovy are here to stay.

Pink, pink and more pink

Pink is a really popular bedroom colour, and it can be used on anything from an upholstered headboard to bedding, walls, ceilings, even doors. Introducing a soft lick of pink to your bedroom is a great simple way to introduce a bedroom trend to your sleeping spaces.


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