A Mixture of Old-World Charm and Comfort: Devonshire Styling 

Devon’s dramatic coastline — from the crystal clear waters of Bantham beach to the charming, pine-tree-backed Crystal Sands — is some of the most picturesque in the UK. Styling your home to capture Devon’s classic mix of old-world charm and comfort involves blending coastal elements with rustic accents, to create a timeless and relaxing haven inspired by the region’s captivating landscape. Indeed, not only is coastal chic set to be a big interior design trend in 2024, but even simply giving your walls a lick of paint is enough to boost your home value by up to 3%. 

Coastal colour palettes: getting the balance right

A Devonshire-inspired interior should be light and airy, with neutral tones and natural textures used to create a sense of tranquillity and openness, while bolder-coloured accents used sparingly to add a touch of liveliness. There’s a formula that can help you here — aim to make about 70% of a room’s colour — including wall, furniture, and accents — either lighter blues and sandy neutrals. These gentle hues effortlessly replicate the ones found along the Devonshire coast. Soft green (including living plants) should then account for 20%, while the remaining 10% should be devoted to brighter accent pieces featuring navy, slate grey, darker pinks, or corals. 

Go for blue: evoking the Devonshire sea

Blue is undeniably evocative of the vibrant Devonshire sea, and there’s a variety of gorgeous hues to choose from, from tranquil cerulean to deep azure. Light blue, in particular, can work well in the kitchen. Calm and ethereal, light blue channels the peaceful nature of Devon’s coastal landscape, and also lends a bright and airy feel to the space. It’s worth noting that kitchen colour can even sway purchasing decisions, with both light blue and dark blue falling in the top ten kitchen colours that make buyers more likely to purchase a home. 8% of buyers consider light blue kitchens a favourable selling point. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets light blue to add colour, style, and interest, while also helping the room better reflect natural light, creating a welcoming, uplifting atmosphere.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate bolder, navy tones into your decor, either. Notably, 5% of buyers are more likely to purchase a home with a navy blue kitchen. Dark blue kitchens evoke the deep, rich tones of the sea, while adding a touch of sophistication to the space. Yet, if you don’t want to commit to painting the entire kitchen navy, you can always limit your paint job to just your kitchen island instead for an eye-catching, dramatic look. Add elements of white and cream — like sheer curtains and whitewashed furniture — to offset the darkness and uplift the mood, while also injecting a breezy, coastal feel. 

Natural materials: adding warmth and texture

A Devonshire-styled home should focus on bringing the outside in — and natural materials like reclaimed wood and local stone can help you infuse warmth and texture into an otherwise cool and breezy space. Reclaimed wood, for example, can provide the weathered appearance and rustic charm you’re looking for. The natural grain — along with commonly-found, lingering marks like knots and nail holes — evoke the natural wear and tear of old ships and coastal structures along the Devonshire coast. Reclaimed wood also has the benefit of being sustainable, a quality homebuyers are increasingly prioritising — reclaimed wood furniture, for instance, has been found to increase home value by £2,000 on average.

And, don’t forget your seaside trinkets and accessories. Display your own authentic beachcomber finds, such as, seashells, pebbles, and sea glass to truly capture the essence of the Devonshire coastline. Replica resin shells and coral are also a practical and stylish alternative to the real thing. Keep in mind, however, it’s easy to overwhelm your space with excessive accessories. So, limit yourself to just several carefully-chosen pieces to complement your theme tastefully. Stick to a muted colour palette and place your beach finds in glass jars for an elegant look.  

Picture frames are also a great accessory that can add texture, depth, and colour to your room. For instance, solid oak or pine frames, slightly rough around the edges, bring a rustic elegance to your Devon-inspired decor. The rich tones of oak and pine exude warmth and comfort, while the natural aesthetic blends seamlessly with the coastal theme. 

Local stone — whether granite, slate, or limestone — is another natural material that can help you capture the essence of Devon’s rugged and timeless landscape. For instance, local stone can be used in your fireplace surround, evoking a sense of timeless charm that pays homage to Devon’s historic cobblestone streets. The contrast between the old-world comfort of rugged stone and the rest of your soft, breezy decor creates a cosy, relaxing yet uplifting space.

Let there be light: embrace lightweight curtains

Maximising natural light is a surefire way to lend your home a relaxed, breezy vibe evocative of Devon’s coastal allure. It can even increase your home’s value — 84% of homebuyers say natural light is the most important element when purchasing a home, and they’re willing to spend an extra £4,786 on a home with no shortage of natural light. So, the easiest way to make your home bright and airy? Switch-out your dense, heavy curtains for ones made with lightweight, floaty fabrics. White sheer curtains, for instance, can bring softness and an airy feel. They also allow light to diffuse through the room nicely, while also providing enough privacy during the day. Additionally, curtains made from natural fibres like linen, jute, or bamboo are another nice choice. Natural fibres are naturally floaty, and also drape very well. Not only can lightweight curtains bring the perfect finishing touch to your Devon-inspired decor scheme, but they can also help soften and balance out the bolder tonal contrast throughout your space

A Devonshire-inspired home embodies a mix of coastal elegance and countryside charm. By getting the balance right and incorporating blue, natural materials, and natural light, you’ll successfully capture the old-world charm and comfort Devon evokes. 


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