5 Tips To Keep Your Rental Property Clean

As with any type of property, rented apartments, flats and houses need to be kept as clean and hygienic as possible. After all, rented accommodation usually requires a hefty security deposit to be paid up front, so the last thing you want is to be charged a small fortune for avoidable issues when it comes to moving out.

In order to keep your rental property clean and tidy, there are several things you can do. From general things like establishing a cleaning rota, to more specific things that involve specialist cleaning techniques, listed below are some of our top tips.

Set up a cleaning rota

OK, so we may have only just mentioned it, but setting up a cleaning rota can be a great way of ensuring household cleaning tasks actually get done; something that is especially important when living with other people.

There’s nothing more frustrating than always being the person who has to load and unload the dishwasher. Cleaning shouldn’t always be on one person, so it’s only fair to share out the responsibility. Therefore, designing and implementing a clear cleaning rota can be a highly effective method of letting each person know what their cleaning responsibility is on a daily or weekly basis.

Whether it be hoovering, washing up, taking the bins out, or doing the laundry, one way or another it all needs to be done, so why not add a little bit of organisation to your home?  You don’t want to be sat in your lounge wondering why is my room so dusty?

Don’t just tidy, clean as well

Keeping a home tidy is one thing, but cleaning is arguably more important. While it’s obviously nice having all your pillows, chairs, crockery and ornaments in their rightful place, if you’re leaving them in an unclean environment then it won’t make a huge amount of difference. In fact, you could end up making yourself ill as a result.

Take the kitchen for example. Having a dishwasher can make life so much easier, cleaning up plates and dishes so that you don’t have to. However, if you are continuously putting those dishes back away into cupboards that are unclean and full of dust and debris, then you’re effectively undoing the work that the dishwasher just did.

Take the time to clean your home properly, instead of just tidying things away. Otherwise, you will only be leaving the job half done.

Keep conservatories clean

If you have a conservatory at your property, you will probably know all too well just how quickly they can accumulate dirt. Whether it be dead leaves on the external roof or condensation on the inner windows, it’s important to keep your conservatory in tip-top condition when living in rented accommodation.

For example, when it comes to moving out, your landlord will likely come to inspect the condition of the property. Using the inventory they took when you first moved in, they will then remove any damage or cleaning costs required from the security deposit you had to pay up front.

In order to get as much of this back as possible, make sure you leave the flat in the same condition you received it in. And with the conservatory in particular, think about hiring a professional conservatory valeting specialist; utilising their services in advance would likely cost you a lot less in the long run.

Sort out pest issues

Having an unclean rented property can attract unwanted guests – and no, I’m not talking about your landlord. Rodents, cockroaches, birds and insects all thrive off of dirty environments so, unless you want to share your home with these animals, you’re going to need to combat the threat.

One of the best ways of doing this comes simply through keeping your place clean; taking the bins out regularly, not leaving food to fester, cleaning the bathrooms and maintaining the outside space. Similarly, during the colder months, make sure you cover up any gaps or cracks in your home. Pests often seek refuge from the cold, so will look for environments where they can rest and reproduce.

Don’t give them that luxury. As a preventative method, invest in a couple of plugin ultrasonic pest repellers and some high-quality bug spray. For bigger pest problems, like rodent or bird infestations, seek out the advice of an expert.

Keep your carpets clean

If you live with pets or small children, you will already be familiar with how dirty and unclean carpets can become over time. Whether it be big patches of mud, stains from spilled food and drink, or an accident of some kind, carpets can experience a significant amount of wear and tear. Therefore, look after them!

Hoovering carpets on a regular basis is a must, but why stop there? If you have the money, why not invest in a luxury carpet cleaner? Alternatively, contact a professional carpet cleaner to come and look after them on your behalf. Especially when it comes to living in rented accommodation, keeping your carpets clean is a must, should your landlord or lettings agent ever decide to pop around for a quick inspection.

Keep shoes at the door

It may be a simple suggestion, but leaving your shoes at the front door as you walk back into your home can make a big difference to your property’s overall cleanliness.

This is because when you’re out and about, your shoes pick up a lot of mud and muck. This muck then transfers to your carpet as you walk all over it, making it stained and dirty in the process.

Therefore, by leaving your shoes at the door, you can guard against this happening and ensure your home remains cleaner for longer.


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