3 Pros And Cons Of Glass Rooftops

Being a homeowner comes with different responsibilities. After all, maintaining a house requires extensive work. Still, some tasks are much more fun than the rest; decorating the place is one of them. 

Considering how many trends have come and gone, there’s no shortage of architectural designs for residential homes or commercial buildings. And yet, installing glass rooftops remain one of the most stylish design choices anyone can add to their property. 

What are glass roofs? To first-time homebuyers, they’re just as they say in the name: glass framed in steel or any other construction material used for roofing buildings.

Why Install Glass Rooftops? 

Since they’re unique from typical roofing, glass rooftops are often considered a novelty, especially among homeowners. But there are clear reasons why you should consider installing them on your property: 

  1. Provides Lots Of Light 

Since it’s constructed from a transparent material, a glass rooftop is the best way to let in lots of natural light. That can make a building appear roomier or bigger inside. 

Moreover, it enhances décor and colours that artificial lights struggle to recreate. And it doesn’t hurt that it lets you cut energy bills since you get all the illumination you need without consuming electricity.  

  1. Lowers Noise 

How much it reduces noise pollution makes glass a unique construction material.  

Some might even be surprised by how soundproof certain types of glass are, namely double-paned, laminated, and thickened glass. GlasSpace.com and other structural engineers offer all kinds of glass constructions to add to any building. Check out their selections for ideas. 

Granted, glass rooftops aren’t the solution to completely ‘silence’ external noise. They have an STC rating ranging from 26-32, which is still enough for loud noises to enter a space. But between listening in on outside conversations and construction work, many would love having a semblance of silence from the usual bustle outside. 

  1. Boosts Appeal 

Combining nature with architecture is a challenge many experts wrestle with. Through their creativity and expertise, all their effort resulted in glass rooftops, among other architectural discoveries. Aside from their structural perks, glass rooftops allow you a full view of the sky inside the building. That much visibility appeals to those who are fond of nature. 


Why You Might Reconsider 

Although glass rooftops have a lot of advantages, you must be aware of their drawbacks, like any material. Even steel—the industry’s sturdiest construction material—has disadvantages. 

Before jumping at the first opportunity to install glass rooftops, here are some disadvantages you must consider:  

  1. High Maintenance 

Despite its many perks, glass is known for being high maintenance. Considering most of its usefulness comes from its transparency, having dirt build up on it will ruin it. Glass quickly collects different kinds of detritus, including bird droppings, dead leaves, and dust.  

Make room in your schedule for a regular cleaning session, especially if your glass rooftop has trees or other surrounding tall plant life. A thorough cleaning every three or four months keeps the glass in good condition.  

Cleaning a glass rooftop thoroughly might take most of the day, especially if the dirt has caked up. You may call a professional cleaner to handle it and save time and effort. 

  1. Retains Heat 

Any amount of sunlight would be welcome during cold seasons. It’s the best way to warm up without spending most of your expenses on heating. 

However, those living in warmer areas should think twice before installing glass rooftops. Because they already receive more heat than other regions, having more light through the roof would only make their spaces muggy. 

  1. Susceptible To Damage 

Although glass has enough layers to protect your interior from some noise pollution, the same can’t be said for harsh weather conditions. That makes areas prone to hurricanes or strong winds the least ideal environments for glass rooftops. All that stress could loosen glass sheets and cause leaks or even shatter them.   

Hence, it’s safe to say that glass isn’t the best roofing material when the location is susceptible to harsh weather conditions.  

Aside from dealing with weather conditions, you’ll need roofing experts who specialize in installing and repairing glass specifically. That’s because glass requires handling and constructions distinct from other roofing materials. That also means much higher repair and replacement costs. 

Should You Get Glass Rooftops? 

Glass rooftops are a unique addition to households. Aside from their visual appeal, they offer all kinds of perks that would make them a worthwhile investment for some homeowners.  

But before committing to them, you must be aware of the disadvantages that come with them. Otherwise, what you consider an excellent addition could be a costly mistake. 

Consult with the experts for the best choices in your property design.


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