Why You Need Shade For Your Bowling Club On the Sunshine Coast

In a place like the Sunshine Coast, shade is an important consideration for businesses. In the height of summer, the Sunshine Coast certainly lives up to its name, delivering a hot sun and scorching heat that can drive away customers if there aren’t cooling systems like shade or air conditioning in place. 

For bowling clubs especially where much of the action happens outside on the green, a shade structure like lawn bowl canopies from Greenline is a no-brainer to increase foot traffic in summer. Keep reading to discover our top reasons why we think installing shade structures will be a worthwhile investment for bowling clubs on the Sunshine Coast. 

1. Protection from Sun Exposure

The most important consideration for businesses should be the safety of their patrons. Prolonged sun exposure on hot days is an often overlooked safety concern and can result in sunburn, heatstroke and other heat-related injuries. 

Providing structures over bowling greens where people spend hours in the sun at a time should be a priority in terms of safety measures. Shade for players and spectators significantly reduces the risk of sunburn and heatstroke on high UV days, creating a safer environment for all. 

Be a responsible business owner and member of the community and provide shade for your customers so that everyone is happy and healthy at your establishment. 

2. Work Health and Safety Concerns 

Following from the previous point, protecting your staff from heat-related injuries with shade is important for not only moral but also legal reasons. As an employer, you are obligated by law to protect your employees from harm on the job. Staff that work in the sun and heat on your bowling greens must be provided with sunscreen, protective clothing and hats and sufficient water and sun breaks. 

Installing a shade structure can make protecting your staff more simple for you and create a more comfortable and safe work environment for them. If you need a business angle to convince you, happy workers are more efficient and a good work environment results in lower staff turnover

3. Increase Comfort and Enjoyment

Shade isn’t just about protection; it’s also about comfort. By creating shaded areas, bowling clubs can significantly improve the playing environment.

Creating a more comfortable space for guests and members will make their experience at your club better and more memorable. This not only enhances satisfaction but also encourages longer stays and increased participation, ultimately boosting member retention and the club’s success over the long term.

4. Preservation of Equipment and Facilities

Just like how the sun can fade colours and crack surfaces, UV rays can damage bowling gear and greens over time. This can result in premature wear and tear, leading to hefty repair bills that no club wants to deal with.

But fear not! By providing shade for equipment and greens, you can shield your facilities and equipment from the sun’s harmful rays, essentially giving them a much-needed sunblock. 

This simple act not only extends their lifespan but also saves you from the headache of maintenance and costly repairs. So, investing in shade isn’t just about comfort – it’s about protecting your club’s assets and ensuring its long-term sustainability.

5. Community Engagement and Events

Shaded spots are perfect for bringing people together, whether it’s for a casual chat or a lively event. Not only does it make the club more inviting, but it also gets people talking and mingling, creating a sense of community.

Plus, hosting events under the shade isn’t just about fun – it’s also about boosting the club’s bottom line. With shaded areas, you can offer prime event spaces that are comfortable and appealing, making them a hot commodity for gatherings of all kinds.

And let’s not forget the financial perks – more events mean more revenue streams, which helps keep the club’s finances in the black. It’s a win-win situation that keeps the good times rolling while keeping your club financially healthy.


In sum, shade is crucial for bowling clubs on the Sunshine Coast. It’s not just about staying safe from the sun or enjoying a more comfortable game – it’s about looking out for each other and making sure our clubs thrive for years to come.

As community leaders, bowling clubs owe it to their members to make shade a top priority. So let’s roll up our sleeves and make our outdoor spaces as welcoming and enjoyable as possible.


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