These Towns in Maryland Offering British Charm with American Flair


Maryland, one of the 13th original states of the USA, is situated at the center of the Eastern Seaboard. Having an area of 12,407 square miles, this state has a great diversity of landscape including the Appalachian Mountains in its west and the Atlantic Ocean in its south. 

Surprisingly, Maryland was founded by English Catholics way back in the 1600s. That’s why some towns in Maryland have architecture, streets, and customs related to the British. These towns of America will definitely remind you of Britain today.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the towns of Maryland that possess a rich history of British Charm. So,  let’s begin without any delay!

Chestertown (Eastern Shore)

Founded in 1706, Chestertown is a town where history, art, and beauty meet together. 

Throughout history, this town has witnessed many remarkable incidents. 

It was Maryland’s second biggest port during the 18th century under the Calvert family, the Lords Baltimore. This family had a great influence on the colonial architecture of Chestertown which is still present today. 

Besides architecture, this town is renowned for its walkability. Many of its residences have a classic Georgian style structure with symmetrical red brick facades. These residences of the 18th century are restored as proof of its historic past.

Chestertown’s charm goes beyond its colonial architecture to compact and walkable nature. If anyone wants to truly enjoy Chestertown’s beauty, he can consider staying in a charming bed and breakfast (B&B). Many of these B&Bs are located in restored colonial homes. They offer a unique and stunning experience.

Ellicott City (Near Baltimore)

Ellicott City, part of Baltimore, is an unincorporated community in Maryland. This historic city will blow your mind away with its historic attractions, charming shops, and art galleries. 

This city was founded in 1772 by John, Andrew, and Joseph Ellicott. They had a vision to develop this city as a planned community which was ahead of their time. Accordingly, the architecture of this town represents this vision. 

Most of the residences of Ellicott have a symmetrical design with red brick facades which perfectly reflects Georgian-style architecture. 

Situated between Baltimore and Washington D.C, this city is a perfect spot for a day trip. This city will welcome you with its locally owned shops with unique finds. You will get local handcrafted jewelry and antique treasures in those shops. 

Apart from vibrant shops, this city will amaze you with its art galleries with historic pieces, cozy restaurants, and cafes.

To enjoy this beautiful city, you can find many good quality budget friendly hotels. Again, you can visit this place while staying in Columbia or Baltimore.

St. Michaels (Eastern Shore)

St. Michaels is a beautiful coastal town in Maryland with historic charm. James Braddock developed this city in 1770 around a central square which was a new idea at that time. The harbor of this city is busy with working boats catching fish and pleasure boats enjoying the sunshine. 

Traditional Chesapeake Bay architecture is prominent here. Many houses in this town have colorful sides and big porches line the streets. These residences have special roofs that are perfect for storing things.

Many of their houses are made in simple geometric shapes with simple roof designs. These designs perfectly represent how people used to live by the Bay.

St. Michaels was famous for shipbuilding industries during the 18th century, but later an oyster industry grew in this town. One of the tourist attractions of this town is the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Again, this town has a number of art galleries.

For a truly unique experience of St. Michaels, historic inns and bed and breakfasts are a perfect fit for you. On the other hand, if you prefer stunning views and water activities, you can choose to stay in waterfront rentals


Savage (Near Washington D.C.)

Savage, a town in the Howard County of Maryland, perfectly offers British planned communities. The land of this town was founded approximately in the 17th century.

Savage has a rich history of American industrialization. This place was important for manufacturing during the 18th century, especially for using water power. From an industrial hub in the 19th century, this town was established as a remarkable permanent marketplace during the 20th century. 

Savage was not any messy industrial town, rather it was developed as a planned British community with parks and green spaces. Its streets and overall layout perfectly resemble The Rouse Company’s principles. The Rouse Company is well known for Columbia, Maryland and their influence of ‘progressive community design’ is clearly visible in the layouts of Savage.

Berlin (Eastern Shore)

Berlin is a small historic town situated in Worcester County. This small town, with a total area of 3.15 square miles, was formerly developed with the inspiration of ancient Native American migratory and hunting trails. 

Berlin has a reputation as an antiques capital’, due to its charming stores that sell precious antique things. This town’s walkable streets are lined with several antique shops where you will get vintage toys, antique cameras, classic suits, and even historic documents. 

This town has several art museums, local cafes, and boutique shops. One of the main attractions of this town is its ‘Berlin Main Street’ festival where streets are decorated for the festival. People enjoy this festival with their friends, families, and local people. Apart from these, Berlin is a great town for shopping lovers. 

For those who are into seeking the real charm of this town, waterfront homes in Berlin will be perfect for them. These homes will offer the visitors stunning views in a classic Eastern Shore Lifestyle.


Final Words

There you go! Maryland might seem all American, but look closer! You will be amazed that many towns in Maryland offer British charm with American flair. 

Enjoy Chestertown, the second-largest collection of restored 18th-century homes in Maryland. Go back to the past in Ellicott City, with its brick streets and neat rows of colonial houses.

St. Michaels, with its special houses, shows a connection to British history. Savage, a small town with many factories, reflects the principles of the Rouse Company. Visit Berlin for a unique shopping experience of antiques.
So, if you are craving to enjoy your holiday in a historic town with a British flavor, explore Maryland’s hidden gems! Visit these historic towns and enjoy an enchanting blend of American flair with unexpected British influence. Share this blog with your loved ones so that they can visit those towns too and subscribe to our channel for more travel content.


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