The Top Reasons Why the Art Deco Style is Making a Comeback in the UK

If you aren’t familiar with the Art Deco style of old, it’s either you weren’t born yet when it was all the rage, or you’re just not into style and fashion. Art Deco was a unique and distinct style that emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, and it is characterised by ornate patterns, bold geometric shapes, and a keen sense of luxury and glamour.

Although the Art Deco style fell out of favour after World War II, it can still be seen in a lot of properties, especially within the UK, and, surprisingly, it has recently been making a comeback! This is particularly true in architecture and interior design.

But why is Art Deco making a comeback, and why is it on-trend once again? Here are the top reasons why Art Deco is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, not just in the UK, but around the globe.


One of the key drivers behind the renewed interest in Art Deco is nostalgia. Many are drawn to the elegance and glamour of the Art Deco era, which was an idyllic time of optimism and relative prosperity. Design elements reminiscent of Art Deco, such as bold colours, streamlined curves, and lavish materials, evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. Even Art Deco windows, which are seen in many older properties, are being renovated – and even new properties want to add these Art Deco designs to the architecture. If you want to find out more about Art Deco windows and other elements, click here.

Art Deco has been prominently featured in several recent films and TV shows  (including the ever-popular Boardwalk Empire, The Great Gatsby, and Peaky Blinders). These favourable depictions of Art Deco have raised awareness of the style and inspired a renewed interest in its principles of design. What’s more, many contemporary designers and artists have incorporated Art Deco elements into their work, which contributes further to the style’s resurgence.

Sustainability and durability

In an age where sustainability and durability are increasingly important, Art Deco design offers a compelling alternative to disposable consumer culture. Needless to say, Art Deco furniture and buildings were designed to last and made with high-quality materials such as brass, marble, and exotic woods. This durability has allowed many Art Deco buildings and objects to survive to the present day and has contributed to their appeal as highly desirable and valuable items.

The rise of luxury living

Today, more people live glamourously – and there’s a growing interest in luxurious living and living the ‘high life.’ The style’s emphasis on sophisticated designs and opulent materials is a perfect fit for this current trend. Art Deco interiors, with their bold colours, plush fabrics, and intricate patterns, offer a sense of glamour and indulgence highly sought after by many.

Renewed individuality

In an era of mass-produced, identical consumer goods, the unique and distinctive design of Art Deco buildings and objects offers a sense of renewed character and individuality. Art Deco design emphasises the handmade and bespoke, with delicate patterns and one-of-a-kind elements. This emphasis on craftsmanship is highly valued in a society where mass-produced goods dominate the market.


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