The Basics of Financial Accounting for Small Businesses

Financial accounting is an important facet of any small business, allowing them to measure and understand the financial performance of the company. This article aims to provide a basic introduction to financial accounting for small businesses, covering the main principles, techniques, and tools used to track financial performance.

Principles of Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is based on several core principles that are designed to ensure accuracy and integrity in the reporting of financial results. These key principles include:

  • Objectivity: All transactions must be reported objectively, without bias or opinion affecting the accuracy of the report.
  • Consistency: Standardized methods must be used consistently over time and across different entities.
  • Accrual Basis: Transactions must be recorded when they occur, regardless of when payment is due or received.
  • Prudence: Assets and revenues should only be reported if they have been earned and liabilities should not be understated or overstated.
  • Going Concern Principle: Entities must assume they will remain in operation long enough to realize their assets and settle their debts.
  • Disclosure Principle: Entities must disclose all relevant information required for investors, lenders, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions about their investments or loans.

Techniques & Tools Used in Financial Accounting

There are a number of techniques and tools available for recording income and expenses in financial accounts for small businesses. These include:

  • Record Keeping & Bookkeeping: Record keeping involves documenting all transactions within an accounting system so that companies can easily identify where money has been generated from, as well as what it was spent on. Bookkeeping involves using software such as Quickbooks or Xero that helps automate record-keeping processes making them much easier to manage day-to-day transactions accurately.
  • Tallying & Reporting Tool- Tallying is a form of record keeping where entries are made into general ‘tally’ sheets that document income and expenditure on a periodic basis (daily/weekly/monthly). A reporting tool allows quick access to reliable reports that are easy to interpret revealing insights into business cashflow at glance by summarizing income/expenditure across relevant periods (daily/weekly/monthly).
  • Budgeting & Forecasting Tools – Budgeting tools allow you to set realistic budgets by tracking past performance with respect to actuals vs budgeted figures allowing you to set better objectives for future operations by anticipating what should happen versus what actually happened. Forecasting tools allow businesses to utilise predictive analytics to make more accurate predictions about future events assuming current trends continue so decisions can be based on data rather than intuition alone helping reduce risk significantly when making decisions about future investment opportunities or hiring new employees.


Financial accounting is an essential part of small business operations and understanding the basics can help you gain more control over your finances. Small businesses need to understand the core principles, techniques, and tools used in financial accounting in order to make informed decisions about their future operations. With the right tools and processes in place, small business accountants can get a better handle on their finances, allowing them to make better predictions about future performance and opportunities.

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