Tenancy Considerations When Moving From the UK to the US

Leaping into a move to America? Fortunately, you have narrowed your destination to just one country, but you now have 50 states to choose from, all bringing their sense of what they feel is the American dream. From living in California with its Hollywood A-list celebs and the laid-back beach lifestyle to something a little more remote such as the southern countryside, there is something for everyone. Things are a little different in the US compared to the UK, so here are the key things you should consider before making the trip across the pond.


Forget about the Rain

One of the highlights of moving to the US from the UK seems a menial reason, but it is one of the best and most rewarding – the good weather. If you choose the right state, your new home will offer you much more in terms of sun, sea, and sand. California is one of the hottest states of the country, boasting high temperatures above 50°C. If you’re looking for a room to rent in Irvine, Los Angeles, you can leave your raincoat, jumpers, and scarf at home. Stock up on shorts and sun cream.

Keep it simple

It may seem like this stage is a step that everyone choosing to relocate to the US must face, but complications are something that can be left behind. Things can be made accessible in just a few simple steps, especially regarding international shipping. A 20ft shipping container can transport up to £40,000 worth of furniture (the typical cost of furniture from a three-bedroom house) for less than £2,000. The prices of a move like this can be daunting, but if you complete the right research, it is easy to make things budget-friendly.

Maternity leave

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the laws of maternity leave in the US over the years. Legally, companies are not required to offer any maternity payment to families supporting them with their newborns. Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton signed off that workers were eligible for 12 weeks of unpaid leave to remove the worry of not having a job when returning.

Although the knowledge of having a job on the return to work sounds great, America remains the only country in the developed world that does not offer paid maternity leave for mothers and fathers. For many families, the standard approach to combat the lack of payment when having a child in the US is to build up holidays and contribute considerably higher amounts of overtime to make the time off more feasible.



The big thing that comes with moving to America is healthcare and the fact that you would be leaving the perks that come with the NHS. This is a daunting prospect if you have only ever received the convenience that comes with the NHS, but there are many programs available in the US that can make things very easy.

Over time many of these programs have become increasingly more affordable, making things much better for the state of people living in America. It was found that close to 16% of Americans were uninsured in 2010. That figure dropped below 10% by 2017 after the Obamacare legislation was introduced.

Medicare, a federal health care plan available in the United States, is another program you can join under certain conditions. People with end-stage renal disease of any age, and those over 65 who are disabled, are eligible for this program.

Suppose you feel that none of these options applies to you. In that case, there are medical care benefits available to a considerable amount of private industry workers, showing that it is very likely that your company will offer you the support you desire.

Make the most of your own backyard

When you finally get around to having some time off from work (which is only ten public holidays throughout the year), you will want to make the most out of what you have surrounding you.

The vastness of America means that travelling to a new state is similar to travelling to an entirely new country, meaning you could get away with never using your passport ever again once you have landed on US soil.

Some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet reside in North America, such as The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and Niagara Falls, to name a few. Each place is entirely unique, but all have picturesque qualities in common. You will also find a range of new wildlife and the climate in Alaska and Texas throughout the states. There’s something for everyone.


America, home of the brave – moving here has never been so simple, and with so many attractive qualities, it is easy to understand why the leap is becoming increasingly more popular each year.


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