We talk to Bruce Bishop, author of the US Best Seller “The Rich Revolution”

How many entrepreneurs and business experts do you know who have dyslexia? Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Steve Jobs… well it’s time to add another name to the list! Bruce Bishop, the author of ‘The Rich Revolution’. His mission is to empower people through independent financial freedom.

As property investors we are also interested in wealth creation and personal development. So were always on the look out for new books in that field.  Therefore we were very pleased to have the pleasure of talking to Bruce to find out what inspired him to write “The Rich Revolution”. This is what we found out… 

He began his working life as a laborer in the building industry having left school with a handful of very mediocre qualifications, due to his struggle with dyslexia.

In his early 20’s when most people his age were listening to their favourite music on the radio, Bruce was listening to self-development and motivational audio-books, which inspired him to start his own business.

During his working life Bruce owned various businesses. He set out with the ambition and focus to create a company of great value, so he could exit for millions and retire in the lap of luxury. But things didn’t quite work out as planned. In fact Bruce never made more than a reasonable income from the businesses he owned, the thing that really made his wealth is what he did with that income…

In his early 30’s he made a plan to re-invest a proportion of his earnings to create a passive income. It was this strategy that enabled him to retire from business at the age of 44. He only wishes that he had been taught these strategies earlier in life, as they can be applied to any form of asset or investment and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in debt or wealthy, the strategies work for everyone!

Bruce said:

‘It’s not WHAT you earn, it’s what you DO with what you earn’.

He developed his knowledge & wealth through direct experience in business ownership and investing especially in property. His mission is to truly help others to become financially independent and regain control of their life.   As he believes wealth is not just about having financial security, but also having time freedom from having to work and being able to share that freedom with those you love.

Bruce is convinced that the world will hit another financial crisis with pensions & retirement plans not being worth much, and nations having to support retired people through benefits.  It’s time to give ‘People back the Power through financial independence’.

Ask yourself this question. How long could you survive if your income stopped today? A scary thought, but a common reality with increased redundancy & pension plans not holding their value.

So how long could you survive? This is the measure of true wealth…

For instance, if you need £5,000 a month to live the lifestyle of your choice, and had to stop work and had £10,000 of savings, you’d only be able to sustain your lifestyle for two months. Therefore, in this scenario you would be wealthy to the level of two months. Your wealth is measured by the length of time you can exist on the money you have available.

To become totally financially free, you would need to accumulate enough wealth to last you the rest of your days. In other words, if you needed £5,000 per month, you would need £60,000 a year and if you have 50 years to live, you would need £3 million to survive the rest of your days in the lifestyle that you’ve chosen. This is very simplistic as it hasn’t taken into account the interest on the £3 million, or inflation over the next 50 years, and many other factors – but just the practicalities of accumulating this amount of wealth is beyond most people.

So Bruce, what’s the answer?

Well, you need to create a £5,000 a month income that doesn’t require you to work. Simple! In other words, you need to create a ‘passive’ income – and this is the difference between the rich and the rest of us. 

Most people work for money, and the rich have money work for them.


The whole ethos of The Rich Revolution is to create a plan, a route map to take you where you are now to the lifestyle of your choice. For this strategy to work, you first need to understand your end goal. Your plan is like a journey and like any journey you need to work out your route, once you know the start and finish point you then simply work out a plan between the two.

By revealing the powerful strategies in Bruce’s book ‘THE RICH REVOLUTION’ people develop an understanding of some simple financial laws and apply them through custom formulated spreadsheets and plans to manage their money to create a Wealth Fund.

People wanting to grow their Wealth Fund quicker are invited to take part in The Rich Revolution ‘Wealth Creation Program” helping them to create their own personal Life plan. So how can you create both financial & time freedom? By following the simple steps of the Rich Revolution Life plan, you will create wealth that continuously grows.

Some words from Bruce:

I’ve never been more than an ordinary guy with an ordinary income and yet have now achieved financial freedom by applying some simple common sense to my finances. Nothing complex or too sophisticated. I hope you use these simple strategies that made this possible and use them to create a solid and secure financial future for yourself. Believe me, ‘If I can do it, anyone can’.

There are some fundamental differences between the rich and the rest of us. By understanding these simple differences and implementing them in YOUR OWN life, you can become rich. And contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have an amazing income, change career or start a new business, this can be done from your present career with just an average income… those of you who know me will have heard me say time and time again.

“It’s not what you earn, it’s what you do with what you earn”.

Don’t leave it to chance. If you don’t make some changes nothing will change… Take responsibility for your financial future and join…?“The Rich Revolution!”





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