Maximising Small Living Spaces with Self Storage Solutions

While a lot of people would love to own massive mansions with so much space, not everyone can afford such living spaces. Also, there are some people who simply do not wish for such a lifestyle. A small and compact house can be charming and amazing. Having a small living space can be challenging, especially when it comes to storage. However, there is a way you can go around this. Self storage solutions will help you make the most of a small living space. Lovespace offers some of these options.

These solutions offer an invaluable extension to your small living space as tools for decluttering and organization. They allow you to store away and transfer items that you don’t use often, bulky ones, and seasonal gear so you can free up space around you. This way, you can repurpose the freed-up space or leave it alone, creating an environment that feels more spacious, organized, and adaptable.

Types of self storage solutions for maximising your small living spaces

With a little creativity and inspiration, you can come up with self storage solutions that will help you make the most of your small living space. Let us explore some of these solution.

Floating shelves for vertical storage

A floating shelf is one that is normally attached to a wall using concealed mounting hardware technically known as a bracket. The word floating comes from the fact that the shelves are installed in such a way that no visible means of support is left. This leaves the shelves looking as if they are levitating in thin air. Floating shelves are quite beautiful and practical especially for small living spaces. The fact that they levitate in the air means that they do not take up any floor space in a small living space. In addition to being practical storage solutions, floating shelves can add to the aesthetic appeal of your space. They can transform your entire space into a beautiful haven. You can install the shelves yourself or seek professional assistance.

Wall-mounted cabinets

You can also maximize your small living space with wall-mounted cabinets. As the name suggests, these are storage options that are installed by wall-mounting. The fact that the cabinets are mounted on the wall means that they will not take up any floor space. In addition to that, you can use the cabinets for storage around your home. This will help you get some things off the floor space leaving room for more important things that cannot go on the cabinets. Also, you can leave the floor space empty, creating more space.

A fantastic element about these shelves is the fact that you can set them up in any part of your home. For instance, in the kitchen, they can be great for holding utensils, small appliances, and kitchen supplies. On the other hand, in the bathroom you can use the cabinets for holding towels and toiletries. In the living room, you can use the cabinets to hold decorations, and in the bedroom, they can offer additional storage for beddings, clothes, books, and more. You can make a project out of installing wall-mounted shelves around your home. Alternatively, you can get assistance.

Multi-functional furniture

This is a type of furniture that you can use for dual purposes. The first one being the purpose for which the furniture is initially intended (for instance bed for sleeping). The second purpose being as a storage solution. Your bed, sofa, or even table can serve as a storage solution. For instance, you can get a bed with drawers on the side. This way, instead of having a side drawer in your room, you can save the space and use the drawers on your bed. Also, furniture pieces like ottomans and tables can come with built-in storage solutions that you can take advantage of.

Besides furniture with hidden storage compartments, you can also get pieces like sofa beds. Technically, a sofa bed serves two purposes. You can turn it to a bed in the night time and a sofa at day time. This way, instead of getting a bed and sofa separately, you can save up some space while still having both items. Multi-functional furniture pieces allow you to transform your space on the go, accommodating different activities without needing any additional space. This is perfect for a small living space.

Hidden storage

You can also maximize small living spaces by using hidden storage. Furniture with built-in drawers are a perfect example of hidden storage solutions. However, things like storage bins and closet organizers also fall in this category. For instance, you can use storage bins for extra storage in your bedroom and hide them under the bed or place them in your cabinet. This way, you get to enjoy the extra storage space without using up any of your minimal living space. You can also use closet organizers to keep your items neatly stored away while enjoying some extra storage.

Hidden storage is perfect for reducing clutter and creating a more organized and spacious environment in a small living space. A good thing about these self storage solutions is that you do not need to hire an expert for installation. With some research, you can discover the best, most creative, and innovative solutions for maximizing your small living space.


Something as basic as a shelf can also go a long way in helping you make the most of your space. You do not have to go with conventional shelf designs. Instead, you can go for ones that reach the ceiling, offering even more space for storage. A good shelf design will help you transform your living space while serving as a practical storage tool. You can use the shelves for decorations, storing away things you don’t use quite often, and even ones you want to reach easily. You can install shelves in your bedroom, kitchen, end even the bathroom. Instead of something like a stand for books, a shelf can be a perfect alternative. You can install hanging shelves that do not use up any floor space. Building a shelf is something you can do as a DIY project or get professional assistance.


Maximising small living spaces does more than create a spacious environment for you. It also helps you reduce clutter around your home. These storage solutions can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your environment. It takes some creativity and strategic planning to achieve all these benefits from self storage solutions. Through creativity, you can incorporate your personality through the storage pieces you choose, while transforming your environment. For instance, you can choose your favorite colors for storage bins and stylish textiles that make a statement with the installations, and more. The key is to balance functionality with aesthetics with the choices you make.


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