Looking for House Buyers? UK Home Sellers Turn to Cash Buyers Over Many Others

If you’re preparing to sell your home, it’s important to remember one thing – moving from having a home for sale to having sold a home isn’t as easy as you might imagine. House buyers, UK and beyond, don’t just crawl out of the woodwork once you list your home. Instead, it could take weeks, months, or even years to actually sell your home, and during that time, the waiting is almost unbearable, particularly if you’re in a space where you just need to move forward with your life as quickly as possible. There is one solution, though, that could get things moving faster than you think – GoodMove.

What is GoodMove?

GoodMove is an investment-based company. Throughout the UK, they buy properties of various sizes to repair, restore, then sell or rent to others. GoodMove is always on the lookout for new properties in almost any condition, and to make sure that happens, we pay cash for homes across the country.

Why Work with a Cash Buyer?

Once you list your home, you’ll meet a variety of kinds of house buyers. UK residents looking for homes are sometimes first-time buyers, sometimes those working to sell their existing properties before they purchase another one, and sometimes those looking for a vacation property. Cash buyers, though, are a very different kind of buyer, and they provide many different advantages to home seller.

  • Completing the sale is a fast process. One of the reasons many people work with cash home buyers is that the speed of the process is incredible. Cash home buyers don’t need to wait on a bank to approve the loan. They need just the inspection and the sign off at the solicitor’s office to finalise the transaction. Many home sellers are looking for that speed. After all, if you’re moving for a job or you need to get your family moved soon so the kids can start school somewhere else, the rate at which a cash buyer can work.
  • There are no additional fees. It seems strange, but it actually costs you money to sell your home. If you use the services of an estate agent, you’ll need to pay a commission fee of between two and five percent. That may not seem like much, but given that the average home in the UK sells for £277,000 these days, that’s actually quite a lot of money. Beyond those fees, though, there’s also a cost for the inspection, and that of the conveyancing solicitor. Before you can even list your home, though, you may incur the cost of repairs and cleaning. Over the time you work to sell your home, those fees could add up to thousands of pounds. With a cash buyer, however, you don’t have to worry about fees like these. Instead, GoodMove will take care of all of the fees involved with the sale so you can just walk away with the profit.
  • You can sell your home as-is. Listing your home could demand that you make some real changes. Estate agents often suggest re-doing the bathroom, painting, working on the garden, and even hiring a cleaning company to do a deep clean. For many home sellers, that process alone can be overwhelming. If you have more serious issues, like a hole in the plaster, cracked concrete outside your home, or your home just looks like it’s seriously aging, you may not be able to pour enough time and money into it to get it ready to sell. With GoodMove, though, we’ll buy the property as-is. Don’t make any changes! We can’t wait to make the purchase.

If you’re looking for house buyers, UK’s own GoodMove is the way to go, especially if you’re looking for a quick way to sell your home and move forward with your life. The process is easy, too. Just head for our website, enter your post code, and within a matter of hours, we’ll make a preliminary offer on your home. Ready to get started? Reach out to us today to see how much your house is worth.


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