Kitchen Skylights Shine Again in Modern Home Design

After dedicating 20 years to the design and production of skylights for both residential and commercial projects, we’ve observed that kitchens and kitchen extensions consistently emerge as the favoured locations for skylight installation.

As the kitchen living space increasingly asserts itself as the heart of the household, it’s hardly surprising that this growing trend directly inspires many technological and aesthetic innovations introduced by companies such as Sunsquare

Once a hallmark of 1970s and 1980s architecture, skylights are enjoying a significant resurgence. They are now omnipresent in quaint and majestic homes and new developments nationwide. This revival prompts a reflection on the reasons behind their renewed popularity and the benefits they bring to modern living spaces.

Historically, skylights have illuminated homes for centuries, with their roots traceable to ancient civilisations, notably in the architectural marvel of the Pantheon. This long-standing method of bringing natural light into buildings underlines the enduring appeal of skylights, now combined with advanced technologies to meet contemporary needs. 

The integration of skylights into the heart of the home, especially the kitchen, aligns with a broader architectural trend towards brighter, more open living spaces that connect inhabitants with the sky above.

Considerations for Installing a Kitchen Skylight

Several considerations come into play when contemplating the installation of a kitchen skylight.

Directional Impact on Light and Heat

Primarily, the orientation of your skylight will dictate the amount of light and warmth permeating your home. 

For instance, skylights that face south will welcome direct sunlight and the accompanying warmth all day long, whilst those positioned northward ensure a steady, albeit cooler, light. A skylight facing east is ideal for basking in the morning sunlight, and those to the west are favoured for their provision of afternoon sunshine.

Sizing Your Skylight

The dimensions of your new kitchen skylight should align with what is most fitting for your kitchen’s configuration. For instance, kitchens boasting unconventional layouts might benefit from two smaller skylights rather than a singular, large one in the centre.

Generally, your new skylight should encompass approximately 5-10% of the room’s floor space. Intriguingly, the most frequent feedback we receive post-installation is from clients wishing they had opted for a larger size or included ventilation features.

Planning Permission Considerations

Assuming no extension to your building’s footprint, planning permission is generally not needed to install a kitchen skylight. Nonetheless, this rule has notable exceptions, particularly concerning listed buildings and properties comprising one or more flats, where planning permission is frequently necessary. 

Delve deeper into the specifics of planning permission here. For a more detailed exploration of what to consider when selecting a skylight, peruse our comprehensive how-to guide here.

Why choose Sunsquare

Enhancing Communal Spaces with Light and Ventilation

Many clients recognise the value of natural light in a communal space within a property, yet a more contemporary trend is pairing ventilation with natural light as an ideal solution. Coupled with Sunsquare’s latest innovation, the “Smart Switch,” our range offers considerable adaptability. 

From multi-pane skylights for extended side returns to expansive skylights positioned directly above a dining table, we’re observing a growing demand from clients for our skylights to deliver both a “wow” factor and functionality.

Innovative Aero Range with Smart Control

The advantage of our Aero range lies in its capacity to provide both ventilation and natural light. When integrated with a smart switch, clients gain precise control over when and why their skylight opens to permit ventilation and the influx of fresh air. 

Be it in response to reaching a specific temperature or at predetermined times of the day, the smart switch facilitates unparalleled versatility. Moreover, the switch app’s compatibility with Alexa or Siri enables clients to connect to their skylight, allowing them to open the skylight with a simple voice command to a smart speaker if the kitchen becomes overly warm, thus eliminating the need to press a button physically.

Bespoke Design and Accredited Quality

As creators of bespoke skylight solutions, we at Sunsquare are equipped to help craft roof glazing to realise precisely what the client envisions rather than providing a standard “off-the-shelf” product. Our commitment to safety and quality, coupled with being the sole provider of BSI Kitemark-accredited skylight products in the market, truly enables us to bring dreams to life.

Get in Touch for a Unique Kitchen Skylight

If you are contemplating a skylight for your kitchen, contact our team on 01922 714 087. We are here to collaborate to transform your kitchen into an exceptional family space.


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