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Common sense lending

Specialist lender Together knows that – in this day and age – there’s no average business, no average property, and no average person. So, they don’t do average lending.

With more than 40 years in the business, Together use their common sense to lending to get you the funding you need.

By looking at every applicant’s case individually, and by rejecting the rigid tickbox criteria of some other lenders, they can often find a way to lend when others struggle. They’re fast and flexible, and will support you every step of the way.

How is Together different from other lenders?

Together’s common sense approach means they spend more time understanding your circumstances and how they can help. Their underwriters have years of experience and can make quick ‘in principle’ decisions and can work with you to expedite funding if it will make or break a purchase or business deal.

They treat every customer as an individual, looking at the person behind the numbers to find the perfect solution for you.

Supporting your business

Together’s range of products spans fixed-term secured loans to invest in your business; traditional commercial mortgages for the purchase of property; and short-term secured loans that can help plug temporary cashflow issues.

Whether you’re applying as a business or an individual, Together will work with you to try and make it happen. And their pragmatic approach to underwriting can account for a range of circumstances – including those who are recently self-employed, or retired and looking to start a little business venture.

A range of products

Bridging loans

Short-term secured loans lasting up to 12 months. Use one to secure a property quickly while you arrange longer-term borrowing, or leverage your existing investments to unlock some of the equity tied up in them. You’ll simply make an interest payment each month, and repay what you borrowed (plus any fees) as a lump sum before the end of the term.

Commercial mortgages

Borrow up to 30 years, to purchase or remortgage a business premises or commercial investment property. Available on a repayment or interest-only basis, with discounted variable rates, Together will consider a wide variety of properties – including semi-commercial units, and tenanted properties with short leases.

Buy to Let mortgages

Whether you’re an established landlord or just dipping your toe in for the first time, Together recognises that many of the best buy-to-let opportunities are properties that may be difficult to mortgage with a mainstream lender. Their extensive experience spans both typical residential investments and holiday lets, and they place no limits on the size or value of your property portfolio.

Auction finance

When you’re buying under the hammer and need to move quickly, Together’s Auction finance can be used to complete within your strict 28-day deadline. It lasts up to 12 months while you flip the property or arrange longer-term finance, and you’ll simply make interest payments each month while the loan is in effect.

Lending for the new normal

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