How To Set Up A Living Room And Increase The Value Of A Property

Property value is something homeowners need to constantly keep in mind. Prices are up right now, however analysts predict that they are going to crash in the very near future. Unless homeowners make concerted efforts to maintain and increase the values of their homes then they collectively stand to lose lots of money. One highly effective way of boosting the value of a house is to upgrade its living room. The living room is arguably the most important area in a house because it is the room where the most amount of time is spent.

Here are some tips and tricks for upgrading the living room in your house.

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Investing In Textiles

Investing in new textiles like cushions, blankets, and rugs can be an effective way of improving your living room’s aesthetic appeal. When viewing a house for the first time the way that its

owners have designed it will play a very significant role in the prospective buyer’s decision to make an offer. First impressions matter when you are selling a house. You can add texture with a linen cushion or character with a Berber rug. Textile changes will indirectly increase your home’s value so consider making them.

Adding In A Fireplace

A lot of people view fireplaces as being outdated relics of the past. Central heating is more efficient, effective, and affordable. Fireplaces are usually added to modern homes for nothing more than comfort. Sitting in front of a lit fireplace can be a lot of fun, after all. Fireplaces add character and charm to a house. The addition of a fireplace could cost you thousands of dollars. However, it could add tens of thousands of dollars to your property’s value. Depending on the kind of fire you add a chimney could have to be built. Only ever work with respectable and highly rated contractors when making structural changes like chimney additions to your house.

Rethinking Window Coverings

Curtains are the most common kind of window decoration found in people’s homes. Adding curtains to your living room will have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the value of your house. Plantation shutters on the other hand can make a real difference. When adding plantation shutters it is important to tell the realtor dealing with your property that you want to include them in fixtures and fittings. Including them will boost your property’s value significantly. Adding plantation shutters into your fixtures and fittings essentially just means you are giving them to the next person to own the house. Only ever buy wooden plantation shutters. Metal ones are cheap, unattractive, and boring.

Buying Bespoke Wallpaper

Bespoke wallpaper will add value to your house. You can apply it in rooms other than your living area too. It is usually made by hand by skilled craftsmen. Cheap bespoke wallpaper is available but it is printed on large machines rather than made using traditional patterned blocks. The biggest names in bespoke wallpaper are Christopher Moore and Brigitte Singh, both of whom work from shops in India.

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Installing Double Glazing

Double-glazing is an effective way of increasing the value of your house. Older houses tend not to have it. If your house was built in the last 50 years then it probably already does. The only way to determine whether or not it does is to have a contractor come in and conduct an inspection.

Improving Wall Insulation

Wall insulation can make your house much warmer. There is a cost of living crisis affecting the lives of millions right now. Many people are struggling to heat their homes. Better insulation in your house could be very desirable to such individuals. Insulation helps to retain heat in winter and cool air in the summer. Spray insulation is a cheap and effective method of achieving better insulation.

Fitting Brand New Carpets

Carpets are very fashionable right now. Homebuyers are looking for them because like wall insulation they help to retain heat. The only downside to carpets is that they are challenging to clean. Adding carpeted flooring to your living room will increase the value of your house although you probably don’t need to add them anywhere else.

Sealing Draughts In Doors

Any draughts or gaps in doors need to be resolved before you list your house for sale. Nobody is going to want to buy it if currents of air blow through the living room. A living area is supposed to be a place of relaxation and comfort after all.

Adding value to your house does not need to be stressful. The easiest room to focus your efforts on is your living room. It is the room where people spend the most amount of their time and is therefore the most important room in a house.


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