How to Make Your Home Decor Business Thrive on Twitter : a Full Guide for Beginners in 2023

In 2023, people of different ages and professions adore aesthetics. Today it is one of the main niches in social networks – home decoration, design solutions and inspiring images are popular everywhere, including on one of the most visited platforms, Twitter. Thousands of entrepreneurs from this and neighboring niches were able to contribute to the growth of their companies and establish themselves as a true professional, but absolutely all of them made efforts and spent their time before they could achieve amazing results: expand the customer base, generate new orders, and, as a result, increase their income.

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Before you plunge into the promotion process, we’d like to warn you: sooner or later you’ll need the help of professional advertising services offering many different services, from buying real Twitter profile click to likes, comments and followers. Such services contribute to the development of the pages of bloggers and entrepreneurs and improve their social credibility. Having excellent statistical indicators, you instantly become more competitive and leave behind those who didn’t take care of it in advance. But this is just one of the ways you need to be aware of. Today we’ll tell you in detail where to start, why entrepreneurs use this platform and how to find new customers efficiently and quickly.

Why do entrepreneurs choose Twitter?

In fact, there are several reasons at once that you need to know about. If you plan to get closer to your potential customers and show the “face” of the company (or yourself as a professional if you work alone), you should definitely be here. Here are the main reasons for the popularity of this network among business owners :

  • Ability to communicate with the audience. As you know, now everything is on the Internet, even those companies that seem to have nothing to do with it. Lighting companies, furniture stores, construction companies and so on – they all chose the path of development on this site for a reason. The platform was originally created for communication: exchanging opinions and interesting ideas, chatting with those with whom you wouldn’t be able to communicate offline. If you’re aiming to form a loyal community around your brand, be sure to start promoting a professional account right now.
  •  A simple and crystal clear form of information submission is also one of the reasons for choosing the platform. Here you don’t have to learn new forms of content (like Reels or Shorts, for example). Everything is permanent here: you can publish multimedia files, or share text messages, there is no third option. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and resources on mastering the new format – this is a plus, of course.
  • A chance to make your company more well-known and get new customers (who would never find you outside of the social network). Of course, the most important plus is a bunch of active users (about 450 million people per month) who visit the site regularly. You have the opportunity to attract them to your business and expand your customer base much easier than offline – you’ll no longer need flyers and recruiters’ services, all this is available on the Internet. Now do you understand why entrepreneurs strive to make their page popular here?

Where should you start?

Identify your target audience. Ask yourself questions: who might be interested in my services or products? Are they young or middle-aged? Is there any peculiarity in my potential clients? What design projects could be of interest to them? Having answered these questions, it will be much easier for you to create a more attractive profile.

Depending on the answers, write a brief but informative description, set the main photo and background, and also come up with some branded hashtags (later we’ll tell you why this is necessary). It will take some time, and most likely, as you progress on the site, you’ll make changes, but it is important to do this at the very first stage. So visitors to your account will immediately be able to understand how interested they’re in the company, those who like it will stay and can later become your clients.

Post a couple of messages – tell them who you’re, and what you can be useful in, and demonstrate a couple of your best works. This is necessary:  so that a potential subscriber can rate the quality of your designs. But don’t post all the design photos you have at once; save them for later, trust us, they’ll be needed.

How to promote a professional account in 2023?

  1. Investing in the page. Contrary to myths and stereotypes, there is nothing wrong with using third-party support from professionals, on the contrary, it is very useful and will help you achieve success in the shortest possible time. We are talking about the opportunity to purchase various services: profile clicks, subscribers, retweets, red hearts, etc. 

In the current realities, it is absolutely safe if you choose proven and reliable companies, such as Viplikes or Soclikes, for example. They are time-tested and the experience of thousands of people around the world. You can delegate some of the advertising tasks to them, and thus free up a lot of time for other equally important tasks: creating a content plan, communicating with customers and new collaborations.

  1. Hashtags. Keywords are still one of the best ways to tell thousands of users about your brand. To be honest, it doesn’t take much: take a little time to study your competitors and find out what tags they use to increase visibility, these can be words such as “designer”, “interior”, “real estate” or something similar. When you determine which ones are most suitable for you, start including them in your posts, but don’t overdo it, 2 or 3 words are enough to rank the content correctly.

Also, create your own brand tag – the company name or association with it. People will be able to use it a little later when they find out about you. This is an additional opportunity to improve your rating on the platform.

  1. Cross-promotion. You probably have pages in other social networks, a website or belong to thematic groups in messengers, right? Yes, according to statistics, every second user has pages on different resources. Well, this is your chance to get more followers and boost your page! Write information about your new account in the profile headers in other social networks, send messages to your previous customers, acquaintances and colleagues. By raising awareness about your new account, you increase its visibility in the online community. Use it!


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