How To Make Your Garden Appealing To Buyers

Occasionally people who are trying to sell their home are so preoccupied with how the inside looks, they forget that the outside is just as important. Your garden could be one of the first sights a potential buyer lays their eyes on and making a good first impression is critical when it comes to real estate. Having a dishevelled garden can give off the wrong impression about your home or property, but with a bit of work, you can easily fix up your garden to appeal to buyers.

Clean up

You want everything to appear picture perfect for a potential buyer, so if your garden has fallen into a bit of disarray, the first task to take care of is clearing away debris like fallen leaves, twigs and branches, and dead plants. Pull any weeds and overgrown grass, and trim back any overgrown plants, so they are nice and contained. Any lingering clutter nearby should be tidied up as well to ensure the area looks neat and groomed.

Plant flowers

Once the garden space is cleared, it’s a good idea to fill any empty spaces with some colourful flowers. You want to ensure your garden looks full rather than patchy and empty, and flowers are a great way to add some vibrancy to your yard. Do a bit of research to find out which flowers bloom during which parts of the year so you can always have a lovely blooming garden.

Landscape it

Potential buyers are looking for a space that doesn’t require a lot of initial work once purchased, so do the work for them and landscape your garden. If you have the know-how then, by all means, go the DIY route, otherwise, work with a landscaper to design a beautiful and inviting space.

Trim the hedges

Overgrown hedges and shrubs can make your property look unkempt, so be sure to give all your shrubbery the once-over with the hedge clippers. If you’re feeling ambitious, try trimming them into a specific shape for a little more of a professional look.

Consider artificial grass

Good quality false grass looks just as beautiful as natural grass. It’s just as green and soft. Furthermore, it’ll stay green regardless of the weather. Look for non-toxic fake grass that will be safe for children and pets to play on. It’s much more durable and really easy in maintenance. Such a lawn can even raise your property’s value and can be a good negotiation point.

Add a unique feature

That one different aspect of your garden could be the deciding point for a potential buyer who is looking for that ‘wow’ factor. Yes, it’s hugely beneficial to have a well-maintained lawn and garden, and that is attractive to buyers, but they want that little extra something that makes your property feel a bit more special or unique.

Consider adding a pond or fountain for some tranquillity and sophistication and get them fitted with Water Garden accessories to keep them well maintained. Or why not add a tree house to appeal to young families? Think about how you want your property to be presented and then add whatever makes the most sense in that regard, rather than what you would want.

Add storage space

Sheds are popular again, and rightly so – they’re great for storage of seasonal items like gardening and lawn tools, bikes, and outdoor sports equipment. Again, most potential buyers are looking for a property that meets all their needs without putting in a lot of initial work like landscaping and remodelling, so giving them an outdoor storage space will be extremely appealing.


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