How to Increase Your House’s Kerb Appeal


For most homeowners, their property’s kerb appeal is essential to the site’s valuation. As they say, first impressions last, and in real estate, the house’s kerb appeal makes it desirable to others who might want to acquire the property. However, ensuring the property has sufficient kerb appeal wouldn’t be easy. It takes time, effort, and investment to ensure that the property will stand out in the neighbourhood. 

If you want to increase your house’s kerb appeal, you can do several things to make the site appealing. You can work with a good contractor to redesign some areas that need improvement and add features that will accentuate your house. Regardless of what they do, it’s necessary to hire a reputable skip hire company like to dispose of wastes that come with the construction or renovation process.

Here are some tips on increasing your home’s kerb appeal. 

Repaint the front door  

One of the easiest ways to increase kerb appeal is to change the front door’s paint. The door is among the first things that any potential buyer looks at, and if you want to make an impression, you must make the door look good. You can add a splash of colour and use weather-proof paint and clear varnish to make it even more of a standout. 

Tidy up the front lawn 

Your front lawn reflects you as a homeowner. A front lawn with unkempt grass and trash strewn all over the place wouldn’t look nice. You must take care of the lawn by mowing the grass regularly and keeping the grounds as clean as possible. You can also add a fountain or a bird feeder to make it more interesting. 

Clean the driveway

Another thing that people would notice is the state of the driveway. If the path is cracked and full of potholes, it wouldn’t reflect well on you. If the driveway is also moss-covered or discoloured, it won’t bode well for any potential buyer. You can pressure-wash the dirt off the driveway or hire a professional. You can also repave the driveway as needed. 

Brighten the exterior 

Take a good look at the exterior paint. Paint peeled, chipped or otherwise faded wouldn’t make a good impression. Repaint the exterior with a paint scheme that reflects your personality. Try a different colour scheme to make the place stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood. It will attract passers-by immediately. 

Take care of gutters and roofing

Another thing that can affect the kerb appeal is the state of your roofs and gutters. If you have missing roof tiles, you must replace them immediately. If your gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris, you must have them cleaned. Finally, if they’re in general disrepair, you must find a professional to spruce them up accordingly.


Ensuring that your property has better kerb appeal can be a challenging proposition. Transforming a property from drab to fabulous can take a lot of financial investment, but several inexpensive solutions are available to the discerning homeowner. 


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