How To Combat Easy Lock Snapping

How To Dramatically Improve Modern External Door Security

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An important part of keeping any rental, commercial or residential property secure is ensuring your doors are protected with locks that can keep intruders out effectively. However, many properties with modern UPVC or metal doors are fitted with standard cylinder locks that might not be able to keep opportunist burglars out as well as you might think.

We’ve looked at the shortcomings of standard cylinder lock types with the experts at Locksmith Derby and the burglary phenomenon known as lock snapping, plus how anti-snap locks could provide the added protection you need.

How burglaries occur with standard locks 

Normal cylinder locks, often known as euro cylinder locks, definitely provide some protection for your property, surely you need a key to get in? Most people realise there are variety of ways that experienced burglars, or a locksmith can get past them, either picking the lock or using a crowbar to force the door open.

Much more common, and far quicker and less destructive, is the act of lock snapping, in which the outer part of the lock is literally snapped clean off to reveal the underlying mechanism. Think that this would require extreme force, custom kit and considerable time? Unfortunately, this requires no specialist tools, by using a hammer and mole grips, or large pliers, and applying enough force, the lock cylinder snaps, allowing easy access.

In most tests on the average cylinder lock, this can be done in 30 seconds to a minute, and once the lock is snapped, the door can be opened by the burglar with a screwdriver as if they had the key! This renders other security measures like deadbolts and anti-lift mechanisms useless, as the door is opened normally once the lock is snapped. 

What are anti-snap locks? 

As the name suggest, anti-snap locks are a more secure kind of lock that comply with TS007 3-star standard and are designed to prevent snapping attempts. To meet the standard, they have to meet certain requirements related to attempts to snap and break them with force. 

How anti-snap locks work 

Anti-snap locks use an initial portion of the cylinder that will automatically break away. This sounds counterintuitive, but the short section that breaks off does not expose the mechanism and makes the rest of the cylinder much harder to grip or break. They also have grip defenders to make it even harder to grip them and are reinforced, meaning that if a burglar does manage to grip them, they are significantly harder to snap.

Top brands of anti-snap locks 

There are a variety of different anti-snap locks on the market, but in order to make sure that you are protected, ensure they have the TS007 Kitemark. Most of the top lock manufactures; e.g. Yale, ABS and CISA produce these types of locks.

There are certain manufactures and locks that take the security level even further, with additional enhanced security features to protect from other forms of attack; such as: –

  • Anti-bump
  • Anti-lockpicking
  • Anti-drilling
  • High security key

Ultion locks 

Ultion are a brand that specialises in anti-snap cylinder locks, with further anti-snap technology, known as lock down mode, that detects snapping attempts and engages a pin to stop the door being opened. For the ultimate in anti-snap locks it’s worth reviewing the features and benefits of Ultion Locks.

Checking you current lock and installing an anti-snap lock 

If your look sticks out excessively from the door handle and doesn’t carry the kitemark, it’s worth investing in anti-snap lock to protect your property. They are relatively easy to fit, as they are designed to replace a standard cylinder locks and can be fitted by a locksmith quickly and relatively cheaply. They are normally enough of a deterrent to ensure a would be thief will move on to a less secure property.

You can find out more about lock upgrades or request the supply and fitting of an anti-snap lock in Derby.


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