How to choose a bulldozer for building a house

A bulldozer is a construction special equipment of cyclic action on a wheeled or caterpillar. The main functions are performed by the machine by means of a blade (attachment), with its help digging, cutting, moving the soil, as well as a number of other works on construction sites and places with significant angles of inclination of the surface: in quarries, uneven landscape, etc. For the right choice it is necessary to understand exactly what goals you are pursuing when buying this special equipment. The final decision is better to make depending on the planned list of works, as well as the materials with which the bulldozer will work.

How to choose a bulldozer

In order to stop your choice on the right model, which will suit you both in price and quality, it is desirable to understand the criteria of modifications. First of all, as a rule, the weight of the equipment is determined. If you need a bulldozer for the construction of a small house, a standard-sized (20-25 tonnes) machine with a straight blade will do. If there are more large-scale works for the construction of more grandiose buildings, it is better to pay attention to machines with increased productivity, which have a powerful engine and front blade. It is not difficult to guess that the most effective special equipment with the right ratio of weight and power will be. A heavy bulldozer on small objects will be extremely unproductive. In order to make it clearer, let’s consider the main traction classes of bulldozer:

  • small class – weight up to 0.9 tonnes, engine power – 25 to 50 horsepower;
  • light class – mass 1 – 1.4 tonnes, engine power – from 50 to 130 horsepower;
  • medium class – weight 6-25 tonnes, engine power – from 140 to 210 horsepower;
  • heavy class – weight 25-35 tonnes, engine power – from 300 to 550 horsepower;
  • super-heavy class – weight more than 35 tonnes, engine power – from 690 horsepower.

How to choose a bulldozer on the type of blade for the construction of a house

When you understand what power and mass you need special equipment, you will probably be interested in the following question – how to choose a bulldozer on the type of blade. It can be answered based on information about the materials with which the equipment will work. For dense types of soil will be relevant straight blade, for the rest is suitable hemispherical.

Further we suggest to consider constructive features of mouldboards, at what types of works they are used. There are rotary, non-rotary, as well as universal types of buckets. The group of non-turnable buckets includes straight, spherical and hemispherical. In earthmoving and construction works it is advisable to use straight, spherical and hemispherical mouldboards. At the same time, any of them can be equipped with a hinged canopy. It should be noted that these types of mouldboards are rotary and inclined. Straight mouldboards can be used for such works as development of non-frozen ground, light rocky soil. With the help of spherical mouldboards it is possible to move large volumes of light soil. Hemispherical, respectively, includes the capabilities of the previous two.


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