How To Build Your Dream House: A Guide

Owning a house is a goal many aims to achieve. Having a place you can call your own, decorating it as you wish and a space that you can inject your character and style throughout. Whilst many would choose to buy a house that they could transform into their dream house, more people would prefer to build their homes.

Building their own home has become a dream more Brits would like to achieve. Some have even suggested that they prefer a self-build property over plenty of garden space. It provides the chance to create a space that works perfectly for you and has the amenities you want in a house in terms of layout, space, storage and the number of rooms and bathrooms.

For those wanting to undergo the process of building their dream house, here are a few factors that might help you along the way.

Understand The Budget

Of course, building your own home is going to be a costly process. Ensure that your financial situation is in order, as this will prove valuable when arranging payments and sorting other economic costs. Speak with self-build mortgage advisors to gain a deeper understanding of what is possible. They could help you establish your budget and what you can afford. Knowing what your budget is will help you determine what is possible. It allows you to choose materials and other design elements to build your dream home.

Additionally, you can see if you have funds spare to cover any unforeseen costs, which is more than likely to happen when building a property. Preparing for these moments can help prevent any significant delays from occurring due to a lack of funding for the project.

Find The Right Location

Many people choose to build their dream home as they view it as being their forever home. It is the place where they envision themselves starting a family in or growing old living there. As they will have no intention of moving, certainly not anytime soon after the house has been built, finding the right location for the home is crucial.

Finding the right location for a house to be built on potentially is one of the biggest struggles that come with building your own home. They might find an ideal plot and discover it has already been taken. Others might want the house near amenities, so they do not have to travel far. Some might wish the place to be in a family-friendly neighbourhood, with a good school nearby for their children to attend.

Have Surveys Completed

After finding your ideal spot, you will want to begin the process of applying for planning permission and having surveys completed. Organising these as soon as possible can help you in your timeline for completing the build. Planning permission can take weeks to approve, and you might have to wait for a survey to be conducted. Of course, the results of both will determine how you progress forward. Either way, you could expect long delays.

There are various surveys that might need to be completed, all of which depend on different circumstances of where you are building. For example, one type of survey you might have to consider is a tree survey. If there are a group of trees on the land, you intend to build, you might want to look into a tree survey. They are relevant to have completed seeing the possible impact on your home building project’s potential impact on the trees. Check to see what surveys you need to have. Sorting them early could help to minimise how long you are waiting, allowing you to move forward with the building process. Additionally, it can help to bring peace of mind that everything is fine to move forward with.

Design Your Home

One of the most exciting parts of building your dream house is designing how it will look once completed. Choosing whether to have an open plan kitchen and dining room or making them two separate spaces, designing the layout of your living room and deciding to have a bathroom downstairs are all key elements you get to choose. You can also consider how the upstairs will look, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and where your staircase will be placed. All of these decisions come together to form what will be your forever home.

Aside from considering the house you want to move into, it is also worth considering the longer term. For example, if you are hoping to have a family, think ahead about what you need or want when you have children. Consider the space you will want to have and if you want your future children to have their room, as well as have spare bedrooms for when guests come to stay. Keeping these factors in mind will help you in your decision-making process.

Building your own home is an investment, so you want to ensure that you have carefully planned it for what you need when you move in and in the following years. It will help you ensure that you have created the ideal space for you and the potential family you want to raise in that house.

Enjoy The Space

Building a house will be a rewarding, albeit stressful, experience. You will likely face many highs and lows, uncertainties and breakthroughs along the way. However, once building and decoration work has been completed, you can walk through the house you envision living in. Compare how much it costs to build a home with the value of having a place you have designed specifically for you, and you will likely view the investment as worthwhile.

Before you know it, you will be settled into your home, a place designed and built for you. It will have everything you wanted, and sometimes more. Your style and character will be injected throughout the property, creating a space you call your home. Above all, you can begin the next chapter of your life in your dream home.

Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.

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Light up a north facing room

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