Factors to Consider Before Moving Forward With a Basement Finishing and Renovation

The decision to do something with the unfinished basement is set. Before actually starting the project, it pays to look closely at a few factors. Doing so will make the process for the renovation and finishing easier to plan out while also ensuring that you’re happy with the results.

The Basement’s Current Condition

Do have a contractor come in and inspect the basement. The goal is to determine exactly what needs to be done to the space to ensure that it’s watertight and suitable for uses other than storage.

Much will be considered at this point. There’s the waterproofing and sealing of the walls and floor, installing any plumbing that may be needed, and upgrading the wiring. If any mold is present, remediation can be managed early on. All of these efforts will ensure that the basement space is ready for just about any use one can imagine.

What You Intend to Do With the Space

What do you plan on doing with the finished basement? There are all sorts of ways it can become space that serves an essential purpose. Identify the one that would benefit you and your family the most, then share that information with the contractor.

What are some suggestions for how to use the basement space? If could become a bedroom for one of the family members. Set up the space as a home office. Use it as the perfect spot to work on arts and crafts. Anything that you do regularly but have no permanent place in the rest of the house set aside for the purpose could be housed in the basement.

Understanding How a Finished Basement Impacts Energy Consumption

Much of your focus has to do with the function of the finished and renovated space. That’s great, but don’t overlook the energy benefits that come along with converting the basement into usable space. They may be more vital than you realise.

Finished basements mean that it will take less energy to heat and cool the rest of the house. That may seem impossible if you already have excellent insulation upstairs along with double pane glass in the windows. What you should remember is that the moisture and dampness that’s in the basement right now is affecting the climate in the rest of the house. Correct those problems and it will be all the easier to use less energy and still keep the house comfortable.

And How A Finished Basement Adds Value to Your Property

It never hurts to consider how a finished basement helps to improve property values. For now, you plan on living in the home for many years. That means you get to enjoy the basement in the interim. When you’re ready to sell, the presence of a finished basement will command more attention from potential buyers while also improving the odds of receiving a higher price for the property.

There are other factors that you want to discuss with the basement renovation contractor before any actual work is done. Feel free to ask questions even as you listen to the information that the professional provides. With the right approach, that finished basement will make your house even more of a home in the years to come.


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