Does a Pool Increase Home Value? Here’s What to Know


Increasing the value of your home is an important goal for many homeowners. One of the most popular ways to increase a home’s value is by adding a swimming pool. While there are some risks associated with installing a pool, if done correctly it can add significant value and appeal to your property. In this blog post, we’ll discuss whether or not having a pool increases home values and how you can maximize its potential when considering resale.

We will also look at different types of pools and their associated costs so that you can make an informed decision about investing in one for your property. Finally, we’ll provide tips on how to maintain the pool to ensure it adds long-term value for years to come. So whether you’re considering installing a pool for your use or looking to increase the value of your home when it goes up for sale, this blog post will provide you with all the valuable information on how a swimming pool can positively impact your home’s value

Types Of Pools and Costs

There are a few different types of pools that homeowners can choose from when determining which is best for their home.

In-Ground Pools

These are the most common type and are typically constructed from concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. Concrete pools require a lot of maintenance and may need to be resurfaced every 5-10 years or sooner depending on the climate in which they are located. Vinyl liner pools have thinner walls than concrete varieties, making them easier to install and maintain. They also come in an array of colors and patterns, allowing homeowners to customize the look of their pool. Fiberglass pools come pre-formed and can be installed in much less time than a concrete pool. All these options come with varying costs depending on size, installation complexity, materials used, etc., so it is important to do your research when deciding which option works best for you.

Above-Ground Pools

Another popular choice due to their affordability as well as ease of installation is above-ground pools. Most above-ground options are made with heavy-duty plastic liners that hold water and allow for depth adjustments up to four feet deep. Above-ground pools often come with easy-to-use pump systems that use the same filter as an in-ground pool. The cost for these models will depend on features such as shape, size, brand name (if any), quality of materials used for construction, etc., but these too can range from affordable up to thousands of dollars depending on what you’re looking for.

Spas And Hot Tubs

Finally, there are custom-built spas or hot tubs available as well which can provide relaxation and entertainment whether indoors or outdoors at a reasonable price point compared to larger models like those mentioned previously. A spa kit typically comes with everything needed including pumps, jets, heaters, and covers along with instructions on how to assemble it properly although professional installation may be required depending on size and complexity. Costs associated with this option will vary based on features such as seating capacity or massage jets included as well as any additional accessories such as lighting or music systems that may be desired by the homeowner

The Benefits Of Having A Pool

When it comes to how a pool can impact the value of your home, numerous benefits come with having one. Aside from the obvious entertainment and relaxation options that a pool provides, it also adds financial value to your property. Pools can add up to 8% more equity onto your home when you resell which is very attractive for potential buyers. Furthermore, swimming pools greatly increase the curb appeal of a home making them desirable even in markets where the median house price might be lower.

Additional Equipment And Pool Maintenance

Other than the actual pool itself, there are also additional pieces of equipment that should be considered to help with maintenance and upkeep. For example, pumps and filters are necessary to keep the water clean and free from debris or algae build-up. An automatic pool cleaner can also be installed which will greatly reduce the amount of time spent manually cleaning the pool. Lastly, a cover is recommended for safety reasons as well as to prevent dirt and leaves from getting into the pool when not in use.

As for maintenance, it is important to regularly test pH levels to ensure that chlorine isn’t too high for swimmers’ comfort as well as shock treatment every few weeks depending on how often the pool is used. Additionally, the pool should be vacuumed regularly and filters checked or changed when necessary. Having all the extra equipment mentioned above, as well as a routine maintenance schedule will keep the pool in excellent condition and further enhance  its value

How To Maximize The Value Of Your Pool When Reselling

When it comes to maximizing the value of your pool when reselling, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your pool is performing at its best and adding the most value to your home.

First and foremost, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance and upkeep of your pool. This includes regularly testing the pH levels in order to ensure that chlorine isn’t too high for swimmers’ comfort as well as shock treatment every few weeks depending on how often the pool is used. Additionally, it is necessary to vacuum the pool regularly and check or change filters when necessary. Having all these extra pieces of equipment mentioned before as well as a routine maintenance schedule will help keep the pool in excellent condition and further enhance its value

In addition, it is also essential to make sure that any additional features such as lighting or music systems are in proper working condition. These features can add an extra element of luxury to a swimming experience and attract potential buyers who may be more willing to pay a higher price for a fully equipped investment. It is also advisable to invest in good quality covers for safety reasons as well as protection against dirt, leaves, or other debris invading the pool during periods when not in use

Finally, investing in energy-saving initiatives can further add value when re-selling a home with a swimming pool. You can look into LED lights that produce brighter colors without using excess power or solar heating panels which reduce costs associated with running a heater over time and provide environmentally friendly options for keeping your pool temperature just right year-round. All these investments will help future homeowners save money while enjoying their swimming experience much more efficiently than before.


In conclusion, a swimming pool can be a great addition to any home and increase its value significantly when re-selling. It is important to take the necessary steps to maximize its potential such as regular maintenance and upkeep, ensuring additional features are working properly, as well as investing in energy-saving initiatives. All these investments will help future homeowners save money while also enjoying their swimming experience more efficiently than before.


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