Across The Pond: Tips For Brits Moving To Florida

Living in a place where it feels like you are on a vacation every day, doesn’t that sound awesome? Florida, nicknamed ‘The Sunshine State,’ certainly gives you that exact feeling. 

More than 20,000 Britons move to the USA every year. And Florida ranks on top of their preferred list of states. The long beaches and tropical climate attract immigrants to relocate there permanently. 

However, relocating to a different country is indeed challenging. Today, we have decided to share tips with you that may make your moving a little easier. Want to explore them with us? Tag along! 

Some Exclusive Tips For British People Moving To Florida

With over 400,000 Brits currently residing in Florida, permanently or temporarily, it has the largest British community in the country. The main reason is maybe the comparatively flexible immigration process from the UK to the USA. 

But still, some things need your utmost attention when you are moving to Florida. Let’s take a look at them. 

1. Selecting Location 

Florida is home to multiple beaches. No wonder nature has given Florida all her blessings. Even though the beaches are a treat to your eyes, they are not the ideal place to move in, especially if you are a new immigrant. Why though?


The property price around the beachside areas that are closer to urban centers is from £395,833.33 to £794,599.90. Not only that, they are the first victim of storms and hurricanes. 

It is wise to select a place away from the seaside and preferably in a hilly area. But yes, consider the distance from your workplace and transportation, safety, and security.

2. VISA Formalities 

As you are moving to a foreign country, getting a visa is necessary. The USA has several types of visas, and they vary based on your reason for moving. For example- if you are traveling, you must get a tourist visa. But if you are permanently relocating there, you will need an immigrant visa. 


Now, immigrant visas are usually two types: sponsored and unsponsored. In the sponsored one, your employer or close family member supports the Visa for you. But what if you don’t have any of these two?

In that case, you can get a business visa or an E visa. This one allows you to stay and operate a business in the USA. However, the process is lengthy. You will have to show all accurate documentation, a 5-year business plan, and cash funds to run your business and others associated with it. 

If you are a student, don’t worry; the USA has a specific visa type for you. For those who want to study in universities or other educational institutions, they will have to apply for an F visa. Those who wish to enroll in vocational training must opt for an M visa. 

But hey! If you are British, you can enjoy a Visa Waiver Program with England. In this program, you don’t need a Visa to travel to the USA. And you can stay there for 90 days!

3. Affordable Home 

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Now that you have completed the paperwork, it’s time to find a suitable home. Florida is quite big, with 267 cities! Housing prices vary widely depending on your location as like if you want to stay close to the beach, it will cost you a lot. 

But hey! Don’t worry. Housing prices in Florida are 5% below the national average, and the median home price as of December 2023 is £324,000.  

Choose an area far from the beachside, and you can find good homes at an affordable price! Port Orange is only 10-minute drive away from Daytona Beach, but the houses are comparatively budget-friendly

If you are shifting for a short period or your budget is a little low, you can rent a house instead of buying it. However, Florida’s average rent is slightly higher than the natural average, around £953.52-£1,430.14/ month.

4. Healthcare Insurance 

Healthcare is a basic need. Undoubtedly, the USA has world-class healthcare infrastructures, and their services are excellent. Florida also has some of the best hospitals in the USA, like Mayo Clinic. 


Despite having the best health care service near them, British people often struggle to afford it. The healthcare system is different in the USA. Unlike the UK, it has no National Health Care System, meaning the state won’t sponsor your medical bills. 

Instead, the USA has an insurance-based health care system. In this system, you must pay a small monthly amount regardless of whether you need any medical service. An average Florida resident pays about £371.04 in health insurance. 

5. Sort Out The Taxes


Florida has no state income tax! Yes, you have heard that right. You don’t have to pay tax on your pension, social security income, and IRA up to £318,602.52.

However, Florida does have a 6% state sales tax and a 5.5% corporate income tax. The taxes on gas, cell phones, and alcohol are pretty high.

When moving to a new place, consult an expert and understand the taxes to avoid unwanted problems.

Additional Things About Florida You Should Keep In Mind

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Though moving to Florida may seem beneficial, there are some facts you should look out for. 

1. High Living Cost 

The cost of living in Florida is below the national average in the USA. However, compared to the UK, it is a little higher. The properties are much more expensive. Not to mention, the costs of groceries and other utilities like transportation fares, electric, gas, and phone bills are also pretty high. 

But then again, the income rate is much higher in Florida than in the UK. So, it can be a wise decision to relocate there. 

The cost of living in Florida is below the national average in the USA. However, The property prices are less in USA than UK. The average property value in the UK is £294,559, compared to £276,600.98 in the USA. 

Not to mention, the costs of groceries and other utilities like transportation fares, electric, gas, and phone bills are also pretty high. 

2. Schools For Kids 

If you have school-going kids, Florida can be a great place to move to. It has ranked as the third-best state in the country for education. But the whole system is quite different from the UK’s. 

In the USA, the education system is not nationally standardized. Instead, it varies from state to state. Students must study general subjects up to the university level. Only then can they take up specific subjects to specialize in. 

3. Unpredictable Weather 

Despite being known as the ‘Sunshine State, ‘ Florida faces its fair share of rainfall. Around 30% of the year, especially from June to November, there is heavy rain in Florida. Storms and hurricanes are also very frequent here. And not to mention, the damage they cause is massive!

So, it is wise to get a home away from the seaside and make sure to get insurance on your property. 

4. Packed With Tourists

Due to its 1350 miles of natural coastline and 825 miles of beaches, Florida attracts hundreds of millions of tourists annually! Tourists love the sub-tropical climate and enjoy nature closely. 

Florida earns Over  £31,781,600,000 per year from tourism, which is the state’s greatest source of income. So, you will find the state packed with tourists the whole year.

Florida is indeed a wonderful place to live. Especially for British expatriates who can enjoy multiple benefits starting from their visa. Just keep the things we have mentioned in mind; we hope you will live a better life in Florida.


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