About us – The reasons we set up Just Do Property

We launched Just Do Property in 2010. We decided to start that because when we were back at the beginning, doing all our research, we couldn’t find one place where we could go to get all of this information and help. From that, we figured that there was a gap in the market. So, we decided to build and launch the Just Do Property website. 

The website helps people starting off in property. We wanted, and want to, help them in every way that we can. So, we offer advice on what to do to get started. We like to update people on the news, what’s going on in the market, what’s going on with regards to the tax situation, the interest rates, and what strategies you can implement to build your property portfolio. We also have experts on our website to give guidance and support in their particular areas. You can click through and ask an expert for some advice. We offer lots of nice articles and downloads on there as well—many freebies. We like to give a lot of value to our subscribers.  

We know a lot of people are looking at the website, because we get a lot of feedback. It’s lovely to be able to offer advice to our subscribers or to point them to a resource.  We love the interaction as it’s proof that we’ve actually helped somebody to take a step forward. When you’re experienced in something you don’t realise everything you know. To help somebody with that knowledge is great.  

On our Just Do Property website we explain it as being like having your own virtual assistant collating all the most up-to-date property information. And I think that with the government changes more people are coming to our site for information. In the current climate, information and knowledge are power. You have to have those two things in order to move forward. Whether your getting started on the property ladder or building your property portfolio. 

It can be quite a risky business now if you don’t understand all the legal requirements. We’ve created a legal checklist guide, so investors can come and download that. There are five pages of legal requirements that you need to meet to make sure you have covered if you’re a legal landlord. I think a lot more people are coming to our website to get a better understanding. We give as much valuable information as we can find to our subscribers. 

Some people may wonder why we aren’t charging for this information and if it can be any good if we’re not charging. Our website is free because we want to give people access to all the information. The information is extremely valuable, and that is the model that we’ve chosen. It’s a free resource for property investors. 

It’s difficult to achieve that balance between being informed and being overwhelmed. We try to do one main newsletter each week which has a main bit of news about property during that week. We don’t bombard people with information, but if there’s something pertinent that week we’ll focus on it. We’ll blog about many other topics that are going on. But the key thing is our newsletter to our readers once a week. 

We have nearly 30,000 subscribers who receive our newsletter every week.  We are so pleased to be helping people keep current and to build their property portfolio.  


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