5 Reasons You Need a Professional Window Cleaner

Whether it is residential or commercial window cleaning that you are looking for, you need to hire a professional window cleaner. Many people don’t see the importance of hiring a professional cleaner since they assume they can do the cleaning by themselves. It is true you can clean your own windows but not as perfect as a window cleaner would. You could do more harm than good to your windows especially if you don’t have a clue about how to perform the right cleaning process. Here are some reasons why you need a professional window cleaner.

1. Professional Window Cleaners Have The Proper Tools

Spraying cleaner and wiping it off a window does not result in sufficient cleaning. In fact, some streaks of dirt will remain and attract more dirt from the surrounding areas due to static. If you make it a habit, you may find your windows are still dirty even after cleaning them. To avoid such issues, a professional window cleaner uses proper tools like water-fed poles and non-abrasive cleaners to ensure proper cleaning is done.

2. You May Increase Static Build-up

Using paper towels and newspapers to clean your windows result in the production of electrons. Electrons are produced as you rub the window surfaces. Electrostatic charge attracts dust and this could leave your windows dirtier than when you started cleaning. If you make a habit of cleaning the windows yourself, more dirt and grime could accumulate. Windows that have an accumulation of dirt on them can easily crack when subjected to heat. Window cleaners use fibre-based products, such as cotton cloths to prevent the buildup of static charges.

3. Avoid Scratches on Your Windows

Paint, stains, rust, animal waste, and varnish are some of the stubborn materials that may require you to use force to get rid of them. If you don’t have the proper technique, you could end up leaving permanent scratches on your windows. Professional cleaners use excellent non-abrasive chemicals to eliminate all these stubborn stains and leave your window clean. Some people use powder-based scouring products but these increase the number of scratches on your window panes. Avoid such damage to your windows, hire the best window cleaner.

4. Expertise and Experience is Important in Cleaning Windows

Besides the skills to use cleaning detergents in an appropriate manner, you will also need to know how to approach different window types.  Tinted windows, window film, and speciality windows are some of the window types there are. They all need a different cleaning approach and detergents to become super clean. This means you need a professional cleaner who will use proper cleaning materials to keep them clean without altering their operation. Cleaning speciality windows wrongly could result in you inflicting damage on the windows.

5. It is Safer Than DIY Window Cleaning

Well, most people think that cleaning their office or home window is a good way of saving money. It’s not a good idea. First, if your office is located on a higher floor, it is never safe for a non-professional window cleaner to try and clean the windows on your own. Otherwise, you will be risking falling, breaking the window, and probably cutting yourself on the glass. While this sounds far-fetched, severe injuries and even death from improper window cleaning tactics do happen all the time.

How Can the History of Sash Windows Influence the Need for Professional Window Cleaning?

The fascinating history of sash windows dates back to the 17th century, when they were first introduced. The intricate design and functionality have withstood the test of time, influencing modern window cleaning needs. Professional window cleaning is essential to preserve the beauty and integrity of these historic fixtures.


Even though window cleaning may appear like DIY activity, it is not as easy as you may think. Make sure you hire a professional cleaner if you want to retain the quality and attractiveness of your windows. Residential and commercial cleaning of windows should be done by an expert.


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