4 Benefits of Choosing a Land Lease Over a Retirement Home

As people age, many consider moving to a retirement home as an option for their living arrangements. However, there is another alternative that is gaining popularity among retirees: land leasing. This involves leasing a plot of land on which to place a manufactured or mobile home. While it may not be for everyone, there are several benefits to choosing a land lease over a retirement home. In this blog post, we will explore five advantages of land leasing for retirees, including cost savings, flexibility, independence, and customisation.

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Cost Saving

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a land lease over a retirement home is the cost savings. Retirees on a fixed income may find it difficult to afford the high costs associated with retirement homes, such as entrance fees, monthly rent, and additional charges for services and amenities.

In contrast, land leasing typically involves lower monthly costs, and the homeowner can choose the level of amenities and services they desire, such as lawn care and utilities. For instance, Oasis Communities only pay a weekly site rental fee, which covers a wide range of aspects, including council rates, lawn mowing, and gardening of individual front yards. Additionally, owning a manufactured or mobile home can be less expensive than owning a traditional house, making it a more affordable option for retirement living.


Another advantage of choosing a land lease over a retirement home is the flexibility it provides. Retirement homes often require long-term commitments, limiting the retiree’s ability to move or make changes to their living arrangement. With land leasing, retirees can choose the length of their lease term, typically ranging from one to 30 years. This provides the option to move or downsize as needed without the burden of selling a traditional home.

Additionally, homeowners have the freedom to customize their home and yard to their liking, which may not be possible in a retirement home setting. Overall, land leasing offers retirees greater flexibility and control over their living situation.


One of the most significant benefits of land leasing is the ability to customize the living space. Retirement homes often offer limited options in terms of home design and decor, leaving retirees feeling like they are living in a generic space.

With land leasing, retirees can choose a manufactured or mobile home and customize the interior and exterior to their liking. This allows homeowners to create a personalized space that reflects their individual style and preferences. Additionally, homeowners can customize their outdoor living spaces, such as adding a patio or garden, to make the most of their outdoor surroundings.



Another advantage of choosing a land lease over a retirement home is the sense of independence it provides. Retirement homes often have strict rules and regulations, such as curfews and visitor restrictions, which can limit a retiree’s freedom and independence. In contrast, land leasing offers retirees greater autonomy over their living situation, allowing them to come and go as they please and entertain guests without limitations.

Homeowners also have the opportunity to get involved in the community and activities of their choice, rather than being limited to the offerings of a retirement home. Ultimately, land leasing offers retirees greater independence and control over their lifestyle.

In conclusion, land leasing offers retirees several benefits over retirement homes, including cost savings, flexibility, customization, independence, and a sense of community. By choosing land leasing, retirees can enjoy a personalised, affordable, and flexible living space that allows them to maintain their independence and enjoy their retirement years to the fullest.


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