3 Questions Landlords Should Ask Before Installing An Electric Charging Point On The Property

As a property owner, you may think about what you can do to help your house stand out in the property rental market. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to choose electric vehicles over petrol and diesel ones, so you may be able to attract more individuals if you have an electric charging point on your property. Before committing to installing a charging point, there are a few things you should think about. Here are three questions to consider beforehand.

Will It Meet Your Tenants Needs?
There’s little point in buying anything unless it’s going to meet your tenant’s needs. If no one currently lives there, you will have time to consider it. If you have tenants who drive an electric car, this will make the decision easier for you. You should understand what sort of cars can utilise an electric charging point. A hybrid will use electricity and fuel to power the car, with the fuel as a backup. This means a charging point will be useful for your property, as it won’t be exclusively for electric cars. It’s worth remembering that operating ranges are increasing as electric cars improve, so longer distances will be possible before charging is required. A home-based charging point will still be useful, however. This is why more young drivers will switch to electric cars over the next decade. This is important to know and to consider as you try to rent out your property.

How Do Charging Points Work?
Before installing a charging point, you should ask yourself, how do they work? You don’t want to rush into any decision about installing, especially if you are concerned that it could take up time and be costly. The good news is that installing a charge point at your property is a fairly simple process and will be cost-effective. Something that is generally seen as a benefit of owning an electric car is being able to charge the car at home. This will help you secure tenants who drive electric vehicles. However, you need to ensure you have the space and the ability to charge an electric car when parked at the property. Standard electric car charging times are around 8 hours or so for a full charge. You should advise tenants that they will likely want to leave their cars on charge overnight. Most charging points will be installed on the driveway.

Are There Enough Charging Locations In The Area?
As a landlord looking into a charging point for the property, you should also find out if there are enough charging points in the area in general. If there is none in the entire city, and you are the only property with a charging point, then that will be favourable for some tenants. This could be key for tenants looking to commute to a different city daily. You could also provide your tenants with a map of other charging points, which could help them if they are new to the area. This can help you to become a better landlord and boost your reputation. There are many charging ports up and down the country now, including at most petrol stations, so this is becoming less of a problem as time goes on.


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