Which Industries Require Generative Design: By Experts

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Generative design is considered to be the next frontier in the cosmos of CAD design. And, for good reasons as well. 

The technology harnesses the strength of AI and combines the same with cloud computing. Therefore, it becomes easier for a designer to create high-performance iterations, solve complex design-related issues, and improve 3D designs exponentially.

Also, due to the integration of cloud technology, you don’t have to worry about storage spaces anyway. There’s also a grid feature available in the generative design software programs to help you find your saves in seconds.

Because of having such a flexible and accommodating persona, generative design is used in almost every dynamic industry. Here’s what you need to know in this regard!

Where Is Generative Design Technology Used?

As mentioned before, almost every potent industry uses generative design technology these days. Let’s learn more about them.

1.    Aerospace Industry

Primarily, the aerospace industry utilizes generative design to build complex aircraft designs and missiles. Additionally, sometimes, the system of the national defense of a country is also created by using the said technology.

Due to the AI integration, generative design technology also helps an aerospace engineer in analyzing data, performing R&D, and manufacturing various components.

2.    Architecture Industry

An architecture designer usually uses generative design technology to create a detailed design of a building. For instance, you can use Digital Blue Foam to work on the early-stage architectural outlook.

However, that’s not where it ends!

You can also use this technology to consolidate various segments of a design. Therefore, it will be easier for you to curate complex geometric blueprints and try out different outlooks before choosing the best one!

3.    Automobile Industry

Like our previous two mentions, the automobile industry uses this technology to design new parts or components as well. Besides this, you can also utilize the same to improve weaker areas of your design, lower component weights, reduce product manufacturing duration, etc.

Finally, you can also use the component consolidation procedure in this aspect and decrease the production cost of your company to some extent.

4.    Sports Equipment Industry

Sports equipment designers use the said technology to improve product performance by creating new designs. In addition, recreating the whole structure better can also help you avoid including additional components and lower product costs.

The sports equipment industry inclines towards innovativeness more than anything else. Hence, using generative design does make sense for the engineers working in this segment.

Why Is Generative Design Technology So Popular?

There are several reasons that prompt most creative and dynamic designers to use generative design technology. Here’s what you need to know about them.

  • It becomes easier for an engineer to make incremental changes in an already-existing product with generative design modules. Therefore, if you want, you can include high-performing parts and components to make the product more effective. Additionally, it will also be impossible for others to duplicate your designs.
  • Due to the inclusion of artificial intelligence, almost every engineer can carry out stress analysis without encountering any delays. Hence, the process of finding faults in their designs will get much quicker and easier. It also saves the expenses regarding manufacturing and service support.
  • A generative design technology works very quickly and efficiently. Due to this reason, it becomes easier for you to accelerate your design timeline and gain a competitive edge against your rivals. Additionally, with the AI system, you can also shorten your research period and test new design iterations effectively.
  • Finally, the said technology also enables you to explore and validate new designs simultaneously. You can also create a comparison between them and find the one that suits your project perfectly. However, while working with the software or technology, make sure to put in all of your parameters correctly.

Final Thoughts

Due to its excellent capability and efficiency, generative design is currently being used almost everywhere. While most engineers are utilizing the same for designing purposes, they can also use the technology for customizing existing blueprints and much more.

Also, the procedure of using generative design modules is pretty straightforward. Thus, even novice engineers can use them for their purpose. However, if you want to get the best out of it, we would ask you to learn a little about the same

Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.

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