What Is an Off-market Property and How Do You Discover One?

Off-market properties are those that are not actively being marketed to the public. In other words, they are not listed on any websites or in any publications. Instead, these properties are only being offered to pre-qualified buyers who another party has referred to. So how do you find an off-market property? And more importantly, is it worth your time? We’ve collaborated with Pinnacle Buyers Agents to give you more ideas on what to look for and how to find off-market properties. So take a closer look to find out and decide for yourself.

Why Are Off-market Properties a Good Option for You?

Like any real estate investment, off-market properties offer the potential for financial rewards. Knowing what to look for, you can potentially find a great property to add to your portfolio.

Here are the reasons why an off-market property can provide buyers with serious advantages:

1. Fewer Buyers 

One of the main reasons why off-market properties can be a good option for some buyers is that fewer buyers are competing for the same property. This can give the buyer more negotiating power and potentially lead to a lower buying price. Additionally, off-market properties may be less likely to receive multiple offers. This can further increase the buyer’s negotiating power.

2. More Motivated Sellers

Another reason off-market properties can be a good option is that the sellers are often more motivated to sell. This is because the property is not advertised to the general public, so the seller may be more willing to accept a lower offer. Additionally, these properties may be more negotiable in price and terms than retail properties.

3. Access To Exclusive Listings

Some real estate agents or brokers may have access to exclusive listings that are not merchandise to the general public. These listings may be perfect for buyers who are looking for a specific type of property or who want to avoid competition from other buyers. Additionally, real estate agents or brokers may be able to provide more information about an off-market listing.

4. Avoiding Bidding Wars

Bidding wars are often one of the most stressful parts of buying a property, especially for first-time buyers. By opting for an off-market property, you can avoid this stress entirely, as there will likely be fewer buyers competing for the same property. Additionally, off-market properties may be less likely to receive multiple offers. This can further increase the buyer’s chances of avoiding a bidding war.

How Do You Go About Finding an Off-market Property to Purchase?

There are a few ways to go about finding off-market properties that might be available for purchase.

Below are some of the more popular methods:

Start by Asking Around

If you’re interested in purchasing an off-market property, one of the best ways to find one is to ask around. Talk with friends, family, and colleagues to see if anyone knows of any properties that might be for sale but are not yet on the market. You might be surprised by how many people know of a property that is being sold but has not yet been listed publicly.

Check with Local Real Estate Agents

Another way to find an off-market property is to check with local real estate agents. Many agents have access to MLS listings, which are not always available to the general public. Additionally, agents may know of properties that are being sold by word-of-mouth or through private channels.

Search Online

Some online resources can be used to find off-market properties. For example, websites allow users to search for homes by specific criteria, such as location, price, and number of bedrooms. There are also online databases that list foreclosed or distressed properties that are available for sale.

Drive Around the Neighbourhood

One of the simplest ways to find an off-market property is to simply drive around the neighbourhood where you want to buy

 a home. Keep an eye out for any homes that appear to be vacant or in disrepair, as these may be more likely to be sold off-market. Additionally, you can talk to your neighbours to see if they know of any homes in the area that may be up for sale.

Start Your Search Today!

Finding an off-market property can be a great way to save money on your home investment. With some research and persistence, you may be able to find the perfect property for you. So start your search today with some of the methods listed above to increase your chances of finding an off-market property.


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