The Top 3 Types of LED Lighting to Give Your Kitchen That Perfect Finish!

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When going through the process of having a new kitchen installed or refurbished one of the main touches to give your new kitchen that dazzling finish is to carefully think about what types of lighting you are going to have.

In this article I have written about the three main types of lighting we have used in previous projects to keep our clients happy and give their kitchen the perfect finish!

Keep reading for the types of lighting I have listed below….

LED Downlights in the Kitchen

LED Downlights are not just limited to the kitchen but can be used in all rooms throughout the house. For the purpose of this article though we will just talk about them for use in the kitchen.

The main things you should consider while choosing downlights for your kitchen may include:

Do Kitchen Downlights Need To Be Fire Rated?

For domestic use normally downlights rated for fire are suggested because they can hold back the spread of fire by obstructing its path by sealing its holes which makes it safer to use in the household. Another benefit of using fire rated downlights in the home is their resistance to water and acoustic rating. So it is advisable to use fire rated downlights in the kitchen.


When you buy LED downlights their cost can be higher than halogen lights but their running cost can be very low as with time they will pay back your money by reducing the amount of your energy consumption bills. The time taken to reduce your electricity bills can depend on the number of hours you keep them on.


In a house, it is very difficult to illuminate the rooms like the kitchen because while illuminating it you will have to consider the obstacles and cabinets installed in it. Some of the cabinets in the kitchen have to be categorised as they may go straight up to the ceiling. Though you can know the number of downlights in your kitchen through our other articles, a good guide is to install one downlight in every square meter area of your kitchen. Every downlight should be placed half a meter away from the cupboards and walls and one meter away from the other downlights. In this way, you can also use this layout plan while reshaping your room. You can also reduce the number of downlights in your room or kitchen by using brighter downlights with a wider angle of the beam


You can choose mainly from three temperature colours including:

* 2700K for extra warm white

* 3000K for warm white

* 4000K for cool white

It is very important to choose the most appropriate temperature colour for your kitchen. You should choose the downlight with extra warm white light if you want to have a warmer effect of the light of halogen or traditional bulb. Similarly, you can choose a cool white colour temperature if you prefer a colder and clearer look for your kitchen. Though you can use 3000K warm white colour temperature for an in-between look but the effect of the light of LED bulbs is normally plainer than the lights you normally use.

In fact, the colour temperature you choose can give your room a different and dramatic effect. It is important to match the colours of your downlight with the colours of the lights you have already fitted under your cabinet otherwise it may look odd.

Here is a make of LED Downlights that we install on all of our jobs. They have been tried and tested and to be honest we install these on all of our projects and they are highly recommended.

Pendant Lights In the Kitchen

To give a finishing touch to a traditional or modern kitchen pendant lights are used regardless of their size; small or large because they are stylish, functional, and attractive. Moreover, they are suitable to install in areas like islands, worktops, dining areas, or breakfast bars.

Pendant lights with adjustable suspension height and in various sizes can be more beneficial even for the smallest kitchen if selected according to its size. A pendant light can make your kitchen look like a stylish room and reduce your electricity bill perfectly regardless of the style and type of your kitchen. While finishing the looks of a kitchen with pendant lights you can match them perfectly with your existing fittings and appliances. To find the perfect pendant light for your kitchen to make it look wonderful, and working with the already fitted lights you should keep the options provided here in your mind

Pendants In The Kitchen and Over Island Lighting

Normally, the pendant light in the kitchen should be bright enough to illuminate the entire space itself as it is used as the main source of light in it. It will be a large ceiling pendant light mounted centrally or several smaller lights installed purposefully in most of the kitchens to give light wherever required.

A main ceiling pendant light can be the most suitable one if it is made of glass or some other material that allows the light to go through its sides. This type of lighting in the kitchen can be the best to spread light in 360 degrees and will light the surrounding environment of the kitchen by bouncing from the ceiling of the kitchen.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

This type of lighting can illuminate the work areas that usually block out the light and remain covered with darkness and add an atmosphere to your kitchen. This light can help in performing various tasks including reading, cooking, and washing up in the kitchen. This style of kitchen lighting is gaining popularity due to its high functionality.

You can find different types of LED under cabinet lights in the market like battery or mains operated. The light operated by the main source of power lasts longer than the lights operated by the battery. So under cabinet lighting can be the best lighting for your bathroom and kitchen if you are searching for new lighting for them. It allows you to wash your hands or prepare food without any darkness because it provides focused bright light directly on the surface you are working on.

Reasons to choose under cabinet LED Lighting

You should choose under cabinet lighting for various reasons. LED bulbs are the best alternative to the bulbs traditionally used as their lifespan of up to 50,000 hours makes them more energy efficient. They are also environment friendly as they do not emit any toxic elements and can be recycled. They also help in saving money by reducing electricity bills as they use much less energy than fluorescent or halogen bulbs.


So, there you have it. The three types of lighting that we as an electrical contractor install on all of our kitchen installs. It  will vary from the different kitchens and clients but these are the main 3 types of lighting that we install to give our kitchens the perfect finish!


Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.

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Light up a north facing room
Light up a north facing room

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