Renovating your home exterior: 3 top tips

Home renovations are vital, even more so on the front and surrounds of your home, as this is the first aspect of your property that guests will automatically see. Therefore, it is important to occasionally take a trip around the outskirts of your house to see if any improvements are needed. You will be surprised to witness the little aspects that could do with a slight change to refresh them, and alongside this, your mind may become slightly innovative as new ideas spark on how you could make larger alterations. Most commonly, homeowners avoid renovations to their home exterior as they believe that they will be too costly and very much out with their budget. However, we are here to provide you with some top tips on some aspects to focus on when renovating your home exterior, that may not always be on the extremely expensive side.  

Roof and gutters

Look up! Let’s begin with the height and largest aspect of your home, your roof! Although roofs technically should last up to 60 years, or potentially longer, other experts advise having a roof replacement within 20-30 years, although we believe that idea may be slightly far-fetched, and not to mention, an extremely costly project to maintain. However, it would do no wrong to occasionally look up at your roof, even on your way out to the car before you leave your home, and carry out a quick inspection. It may come to your attention that there are slight faults in the roof such as cracked roof tiles, loose or broken shingles, or even leaking that will require maintenance as soon as possible to avoid any further complications. As well as the roof, take a look at the gutter. The gutters’ purpose corresponds with the roof, therefore, if it is blocked with debris and waste such as leaves, branches, and mold build-up, it will struggle with clearing water from the roof, which may also contribute towards additional roof damage. The look of a messy and blocked gutter can be very devaluing also to the overall look of the home exterior. For gutter cleaning and maintenance, do not hesitate to contact local gutter specialists, click here

Refresh with paint

When you begin to notice small cracks and chips in exterior paint, try your best to rectify this before the damage gets even worse. Paint jobs may wear down and become weather-beaten over the years and a simple coat of paint could seriously refreshen certain aspects of your property. When renovating your home exterior, don’t be scared to think outside of the box! As modernity is a popular style when it comes to home improvements, there are endless amounts of inspiration to be gained online, through blogs and social media platforms, and quite commonly, different is always a good idea! Why not switch the paint colour on your exterior doors and window trims? If these are currently a basic colour such as dark brown or white, why not repaint them dark grey or even duck egg blue? These colours are extremely contemporary and can add a unique touch to your property, allowing it to stand out from its surroundings. After all, who wants to be the same as everyone else! Alongside this project, you can always refresh wooden decking with a fresh coat of paint! Swap out the usual dark or light brown colours and opt for white or grey. 

Add and maintain greenery

Greenery is a relatively important aspect when renovating your home exterior because if it is not looked after, your garden area can look derelict and abandoned, and if your home interior does not reflect this look then try to avoid it! We understand that gardening certainly is not for everyone and in fact, a lot of homeowners lead busy lifestyles that prevent them from having additional time to spend maintaining greenery such as flowers, grass, plants, and shrubs. However, there are alternatives to this. Swap out the natural grass and opt for an artificial approach. Unless you are a king or queen at DIY projects then you may need to hire a professional company to install this feature however, it will make all the difference. Gone are the days when you need to dread heading out to the garage to pull out that rusty old lawnmower since artificial grass requires zero maintenance! The brightness in the colour of artificial grass is also sure to make your exterior pop! A few small plants would not go a miss too. If you have additional time in your schedule, opt for planting a few shrubs lined up in a row for a neat and symmetric effect to your garden space, or perhaps even dedicate a small corner of the garden to a flower bed and select a bunch of flowers that cooperate in colour with one another. If regularly watering plants is not your thing, why not opt for a large artificial plant at the front door? Not only will this look appealing, but, it will also require zero upkeep; A win-win.  

Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.


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