The best way to get ahead in property investing is by setting strategies and making sure you have achievable goals along the way.  However, the way that is best for you will change over time, so you need to review your strategy on a regular basis to keep up with the changing market.

Building successful strategies will help you succeed whatever the property market is doing.

We have brought together the top UK property experts to cover the various strategies that you can implement to grow your property portfolio.  We also have a fantastic range of resources to help you with your investing strategy.

To summarise, ensure you focus and decide on your property strategy or niche area. Immerse yourself and totally understand that chosen strategy. Finally, get educated and perhaps learn from somebody who has done it before

Refurbishment Completed!

So our refurbishment project is just about finished.  The tiling is being done tomorrow in the bathroom and the kitchen then that’s it!  The refurbishment only took 4 weeks in total which was our plan, so we were very pleased to be able to keep to the schedule.  Fortunately we were able to negotiate with the vendors so that we could gain access in between exchange and completion, therefore we only had 2 weeks of mortgage payments to make before the tenant moved in.  She moved in on the 15th of August and is very happy with her new home. The house has been refurbished to a really nice standard. I know that we could have done slightly less and it still would have rented, but I think it’s good to have a certain standard.  Particularly in this market, as it seems that there is a lot of rental property available...
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