Home DIYs That Will Catch A Buyers Eyes


If you’re planning on selling your home, it’s important to catch the eye of your buyer in all the right ways. The property market is often a very competitive one, so anything that you can do to get the edge over other sellers is vital.

If you need your home to really impress, here are some ideas that you can put into practice so that your property will really wow those coming to view it.


The very first thing you need to do when preparing your house for a sale is to declutter all your rooms. The people coming to view your home want to imagine themselves living there – they can’t do that if your odds and ends are taking up every visible space. Be ruthless. Throw away anything you don’t want, use or need. If you need to, borrow a garage or rent a storage unit for a while and fill it up with anything that isn’t strictly necessary for day to day life until your property is sold.

While you’re decluttering, think about how things look on the inside as well as the outside. Yes, your room may be tidy, but what if viewers open your closets and cabinets? You don’t want things falling out on them. Tidy up before the first potential buyer arrives. Remove your school pictures, your wedding photographs and all your personal artwork. Yes, they’re lovely, but they’re for you. Like we said, buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home and they can’t do that effectively when there are reminders of you everywhere they look. You’ll also be wise if you remove any valuable items from display. There’ll be people wandering through your home, especially if there’s an open house, so make sure that anything which could get broken or stolen is carefully packed away.

Repairing And Cleaning Tile Grout

Now that your home is decluttered, it’s time to think about some DIY tasks that you can achieve quickly, cheaply and easily but which will impress potential buyers. Begin in your bathroom. Take a look at the bath – is the grout grey or mouldy? If so, it’s time to bleach and clean it so stains are removed. If there are any mildewed or damaged areas, scrape them out then regrout them and caulk the corners, gaps and cracks around your tub and sink.

Prepare The Entrance

When viewers come to see your home, they’re coming through your front door and you want them to have a warm welcome. That’s why your entryway and porch should be perfect. Give your front door a new coat of paint and perhaps some stylish new hardware. Invest in some hanging baskets or potted shrubs for outside your door and clean the windows. You won’t regret it.

Focus On The Light

Dark rooms won’t invite viewers in, so make sure you use the lighting to your best advantage. Change the blinds to light coloured ones, fit voiles rather than heavy drapes and add some floor lamps in dark corners for a more atmospheric appeal. If you think it’s worth it in an especially dark and uninviting room, buy some uplighters which you can put in corners or behind plants for a warm layer of extra light.

Bathroom Revamp

Obviously, you’re not going to rip out your existing bathroom and replace it just for your property sale; but think about small changes you can make. Change your shower curtain for a start and invest in a new stylish bathmat and matching towels. Add a mirror to the wall to reflect the light and give the illusion of more space.

Fix Small Flaws

You may be used to small flaws and damaged areas in your home, but buyers will notice them straight away. If there are any areas of rough wood, sand them down with a palm sander – this is a must-have for any homeowner. If there are any areas of paint which are damaged or peeling, give them a touch up. It’s by paying attention to small things like this which make a big difference when selling your home for the highest possible price. Good luck with your property sale!



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