The Benefits of Home Staging for Landlords



Everyone knows that home staging is an invaluable tool for property sellers. Ensuring that your home looks clean, tidy and welcoming is a sure-fire way to attract the attention of potential buyers, and staging a home properly has been shown to increase the value of a property by up to 20%. However, property staging is not just a valuable tool for sellers. This process can also be enormously beneficial for landlords who are looking for new tenants and need some help in showing off the value of their properties.

Attracting New Tenants

To get prospective new tenants through the door, you will need to advertise your property. It’s a well-known fact that properties with bad photos, or no photos at all, are less likely to be looked at than others. The first benefit you will see from staging your rental property is that you will be able to take perfect pics of the property’s interior to go next to your listing.

Staying Competitive

The onus is upon landlords to ensure their properties are competitive enough to attract renters from the upper echelons of the tenant market. After all, no-one is going to pay premium rates for an apartment that has peeling paint, dubious carpets and broken blinds. Staging a property isn’t just about making it look good for one day – it’s about giving your property a makeover that will remain for at least the duration of your new tenants’ lease period.

Out With the Old

From scuff marks on walls to broken furniture, having to clear up after a bad tenant is an unfortunate part of any landlord’s job. However, as a crucial part of home staging is giving a property a thorough clean and replacing any worn out or broken items, this can help to wash away the remnants of previous tenants’ bad behaviour.

Renting Unfurnished Properties

Sometimes potential renters are put off by an unfurnished property because they are unsure how it would look once it was filled with their own belongings. Sometimes a property can seem too cold and unwelcoming or it may possess an awkward structural layout that would lead tenants to worry about how they would arrange their things. Luckily, David Phillips Furniture have a great solution to this problem in the form of rental furniture, which they offer specifically for the purposes of staging homes for sale or let. Putting temporary furniture in a property that’s struggling to gain interest can help tenants to envisage how their home will look once they’re living in it, which is crucial for encouraging a quick let.






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