Houses In Multiple Occupation (HMO)


With the chronic housing shortage in the UK & demand for rental properties there has been a growth in the market for room rentals. HMO’s – houses in Multiple Occupation offer landlords the opportunity to look at the possibility of increasing their rental income and rental profits by offering accommodation on a sharers basis.

There are many different types of HMO’s and I classify mine by the tenant profile.

I categorize the tenants into 3 main areas:

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Local Housing Allowance tenants.

I then take it further by splitting the professional market into young white collar professionals, normally graduates and then non-graduates who may be more likely to be trade orientated than office workers.

When I look to create an HMO I ask myself - who are my target tenants.

I look at the local area to determine the demographic and I design my HMO around this market.

For example, top end professionals will usually want top end properties where things such as private bathrooms and Wi-Fi would be critical to this group. I therefore look to put in as many en-suite shower rooms as possible and install the best broadband product available.

I find that in these HMO’s televisions are not as highly regarded as the broadband speed & the need to be able to download large quantities of data fast. Another important factor is to make sure there are a good supply of local bars, coffee shops and local transport links.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) tenants. These tenants are on a tight budget and are therefore more motivated by price rather than the services on offer. In my LHA HMO's I do not provide Internet and will not invest in creating en-suites, it just doesn't make financial sense as they would struggle to pay the higher rent I would need to charge to make it worthwhile.   I have learnt over the years that I my LHA HMO’s a TV aerial is important and to make sure one is installed for my LHA tenants.

I started investing in HMO's 10 years ago, and I started with a student HMO very close to the University. 

If you are wanting to get started, the simplest HMO's would be either a 4 bed Student HMO or 4/5 Bed professional HMO.

A good way to start an HMO would be to buy a 3 bed house offering 3 large bedrooms & 2 reception rooms. You then use either one or both of the reception rooms as the extra bedrooms in order to allow for 4 or 5 sharers in the house. These days you can also find up and running HMO's for sale. 10 years ago you were unlikely to find many on the market.

Presently, I’m still a proactive investor looking to invest in HMO's and I continue to buy these 3 bed houses to convert into 5 bed HMO's as simple HMO deals to add to my portfolio.

Another way to get higher returns would be to look at houses with the opportunity to get 6 or more bedrooms by converting a loft or adding on a single storey extension –these are my favourite HMO projects.

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HMO Refurbishment Tips

 * If you're looking at a planning gain. You will need 10 - 12 weeks from the point of completion before you start work, factor that into your holding costs. * Don't forget the contingency, so many people think they'll add a small percentage of around 5% but believe me this closer to 12% * Ask your builder to sign a contract, where you clearly have staged payments for jobs completed.  PLEASE vet your builder, if you have someone who is much cheaper but has no insurance, registered address etc. this can cause problems (do your homework).  Make sure your builder is aware of the required building regs as this is important.  Add penalties if jobs run over (on a good faith basis though as building is weather dependent). * If you're doing multiple properties, get a refurb blueprint.  I would stick to the same kitchens, paint, flooring, carpeting etc. as it makes...
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Filling HMO properties

The main aim is to get as many people through the door as possible, so make sure you're bumping up your adverts on your various advertising portals. Viewings & dressings Viewings - book your viewings strategically, show them all available rooms. Sometimes tenants will tell you they have one budget, but then miraculously find more money when they see a bigger/better room. That being said, if you have a smaller room in your HMO that's struggling to rent but also have a slightly bigger & nicer room to let in the same house, if you've showed them the smaller room and they seem to like it - don't show them anything else (the bigger room will always let out faster).  Make a good impression as viewers have friends who will spread the word!Rents - Always try to achieve higher rents! Don’t be unrealistic, but have a look on the market and...
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Sourcing the right property

It seems very self-explanatory but make sure you buy in an area of demand, ensure you have good local employment and good transport links. I have learnt from my mistakes, I took a punt on a few houses when I first started investing in HMO's that aren't in a typical room let area & although they do get filled it's never that quick and cash-flow is the name of the game (rooms sitting empty for months on end really hurts). Do your research, look at demand on spare room.When looking for properties source through agents, I cannot express enough the gains of having a good agent on your side. We have got to the stage now where some of the agents we work with don't even bother doing viewings with us anymore, they just give us the keys to the property (often before it goes to market) so that we...
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My journey to 100 rooms - a Landlord's tale

  This FREE webinar is a way for Mike to share best practice & also showcase his journey and go through his many trials, tribulations & WINS associated with being an HMO landlord.  Information shared will include how he has unique abilities to obtain added values from strategic deals, how upgrading standards increases occupancy & higher rental values, how to increase value with strategic planning gains & he also the delves into commercial finance.  Mike Frisby conducts his business with transparency, security, simplicity and trust and is hoping that this webinar will provide great inspiration for investors seeking premium yields and portfolio diversification.  Click here or the photo to view the video.  
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Mike Frisby's Simple Secrets to 50k a year in property

Here's a great video from Mike Frisby, our HMO expert.  Mike says, he often gets asked "What is the quickest way to get started in property and give up my day job?"  Well, now he wants to let YOU know how you can do this and share my knowledge with you! Just click here to view the 5 minute video.
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