A Pre-Construction Checklist for Building Sites


When preparing a piece of land or a building site for construction there are fundamentally important things to consider before beginning the job. As always, safety and a consideration of environmental factors must come first and foremost.

There are then a few practical steps you should always follow including preparing the needed tools in advance. A well planned job should consider every element of the project beforehand and know what tools and machinery will be needed at each stage, and for roughly how long.  It is also worth researching via industry sites such as www.building.co.uk to get the latest information.

Never fail to prepare a pre-construction checklist. It will make the job run more smoothly, within budget and set time-frames, and could even save lives!

Pre-Construction Checklist

Any building site for virtually any purpose will require you to excavate and prepare the land before laying foundations and beginning construction.

You’ll need to clear the site of trees, root systems, vegetation, tree stumps and other debris. All of this will require the correct selection of tools.

You will need at a minimum:


    • Ropes/Slings – Always consider the load bearing capacity of any rope or sling chosen and make certain it has the required, valid safety certificates and have recently been inspected by a professional.




    • Chains/Pulley Blocks – These are part of the gear needed to properly lift and remove debris, trees and other elements from the building site. As they will be used in lifting make certain they have the ability to hold the weight of the proposed load and will not buckle/snap under pressure.




    • Fittings/Hooks – Lifting can require the use of harnesses, horse-shoe shackles, hooks and other fittings. All of these will need to be selected carefully by a professional who understands their various functions and will need to have valid safety certificates.




    • Excavators/Diggers/Trucks – Moving large tree stumps, debris from previous buildings and other heavy materials will be impossible without the proper machinery. You’ll need to consider whether you need an excavator, dump truck, crane or mini-crane and possibly flat-bed trucks.


When selecting an excavator you have a range of options. Steve at UK excavator attachment specialists Hill Engineering suggests that two of the main considerations when selecting a digger bucket are quality and capacity. Do not overlook these factors.

There are lots of considerations when prepping a site for construction. Get the right tools and it will be far smoother.

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