Claim empty properties as your own

Property Expert, Peter Hogan talks in his new book "Free Land and Property" about the laws of adverse possession and how it is possible to take possession of abandoned properties that have no apparent owner.

The book uncovers the secrets behind acquiring land and property for free. Many people know about this law, but very few know how to use it to their advantage to accumulate numerous properties and acres of land to their portfolio.

Peter lays bare the methods he uses to track down suitable properties and land and shows some of his successes, including one particular parcel of land of around 10 acres he found IN LONDON worth a conservative £10 million today. 

Purchase your copy of the book today for only £19.95 + p&p and discover how YOU can find, claim and profit from any number of empty properties and land.

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Adverse Possession Masterclass Day

You can also attend Peter's 1 day training course


On the day you will learn: The law, it’s history, how it works and what it means. Case histories precedents. Bona Vacantia. The Treasury Solicitor. Finding, sourcing properties and land. Dealing with councils and Empty Properties Officers. The Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act. Taking possession legally. Gaining entry. Using the property and legal obligations. How to trace the owners. Legal requirements during the possession. How to claim for registered property/land. How to claim for unregistered property/land. The Squatter’s Law.

You will have all the information you need to go out and legally take possession of empty properties and land right away.

NOTE;  To his knowledge Peter is the ONLY person teaching this strategy in the UK (if not the world), and he's widely accepted as an expert on the subject

The next Adverse Possession Masterclass day is on Sunday 9th April at the Hilton Hotel, Milton Keynes. This is not to be missed! Coming along on the day will be one of my former attendees who will explain how she went out and claimed two properties in East London almost immediately. She now has tenants in both properties, making good rental income and remember, she doesn’t need to pay any mortgage, so the rent is all profit!

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Read on to find out more!

Somewhere in London there is a plot of land, approximately 10 acres, and surrounded by residential buildings. It is just off one of the main routes into the city, and is conservatively valued today at around £10 million.

It's mine. And I didn't pay a penny for it!

'How on earth..?'  you're probably thinking.

Let me tell you. We have a law in this country called Adverse Possession, which basically says that you can claim empty or abandoned land or property as your own and have full legal title to it.

I have many properties and lots of land using this method. All free, and all legal.

Who am I? My name is Peter Hogan. I have been in property investment for over thirty years and am generally considered to be one of the country's foremost experts on adverse possession.

Would you like to know how you, too, could build a massive portfolio of land and property without paying a penny for it?

Click through and read magazine articles I have written, download the excerpt of my book.

Purchase a copy of my book, and if you're really serious you could attend one of my one day Masterclasses that teaches you in detail just how you can do that.

Even better, once you have been through the training you can joint venture with me on projects. Do you think that being my business partner would help you? I think it probably would...


Read more from Peter here 



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